Blackpool Sandshark Public 1.1

Soar through sandy dunes like a... shark

  1. Sithhy™

    Lightweight RWD offroad buggy for all your offroad adventures.

    Features a small selection of Vivace engines, advanced offroad suspension, and high-angle steering for all the drifts your heart desires.

    @Sithhy™ - Idea, general design and majority of the modelling
    @TrackpadUser - Jbeam, some textures and some model tweaks
    @Nekkit - Some textures and some model tweaks​
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  1. Public 1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Ashley 2
    Ashley 2
    Version: Public 1.1
    Pretty nice small light vehicle. If it will be updated, could you please add rollbars in suspension?
  2. samuellprojectsns
    Version: Public 1.1
    top ^^
  3. AdrenarFernet
    Version: Public 1.1
    This shark is going ñam ñam!
    Sooo good!
  4. j-beam infrastructure
    j-beam infrastructure
    Version: Public 1.1
    It's modding time
  5. I love food02
    I love food02
    Version: Public 1.1
    Im so happy this released! its fantastic! Steering is a bit insane on the offroad versions with a wheel, I hope more parts get added!
  6. Maturely Immature
    Maturely Immature
    Version: Public 1.1
    Awesome mod. Hard to control, fast, small, and fun! Well designed.
  7. Yash_gamin144
    Version: Public 1.1
    i like.
  8. Akslop
    Version: Public 1.1
    Simply amazing mod. The quality is just insane!
  9. death cheetah
    death cheetah
    Version: Public 1.1
    This mod is amazing and is very well built. super good offroad capability! good track ability too, I just have one singular issue which would make a world's difference to me. I use a wheel and the ffb is pretty bad tbh, I wanna be able to drift this and use it to its full capability but I can't! :,( when transitioning, its suuper choppy and I end up just spinning out everytime, It could be the lack of powersteering, but even trying to do some rally, i can't keep it on the road because it fights too much! pls help i love this mod
  10. locualo
    Version: Public 1.0
    excellent mod very capable offroad monster
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