Bluebuck 6.7L V10 *Custom model - Gavril Marshal brake discs and ABS* 0.75.5

Perfect fit for the best screamer engine out there

  1. MarkosRuiz
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    30 years after the release of the Bluebuck in 1963, Gavril decided to make a Limited Edition of the Bluebuck installing on it a modern, powerful and efficient V10 Engine.

    They also ported front and rear brake discs from the Gavril Marshal, front one is a 4 piston caliper and the rear end has a conventional caliper, both with plain discs. Due to the increased engine power and brake force they also added ABS and left it forced on, so there's no way to disable it.

    There are a set of new V10 dedicated springs and shocks, lower and stiffer suspension will help handle all that power.

    The stock engine will have 535hp and 637Nm, but two Restrictor Plates will be available when purchasing, the normal one will leave the performance at 405hp and 620Nm and the Eco one will make 360hp and 640Nm. They also make the engine quieter and more efficient, so the Eco one has the most fuel efficiency at 15L/100km / 16MPG. People who buy this car used and want to have all that power will need to delete that Restrictor Plate and get a ECU Remap to increase the revlimiter.

    Finally, a V10 Performance Radiator will be available when purchasing, it has a built-in oil cooler and an electric fan.

    6.7L V10 Engine [Eco Restricted]
    Power: 360hp @ 5000RPM
    Torque: 640Nm @ 2200RPM

    Idle: 780RPM
    Max. RPM: 7500RPM
    Rev Limit: 5800RPM

    6.7L V10 Engine [Restricted]

    Power: 405hp @ 5200RPM
    Torque: 620Nm @ 3700RPM

    Idle: 780RPM
    Max. RPM: 7500RPM
    Rev Limit: 5800RPM

    6.7L V10 Engine [Unrestricted]

    Power: 535hp @ 6600RPM
    Torque: 637Nm @ 5000RPM

    Idle: 780RPM
    Max. RPM: 7500RPM
    Rev Limit: 7000RPM

    V10 4-Speed Manual
    V10 5-Speed Manual
    V10 5-Speed Deca-Matic Automatic

    Engine has no tuning apart from the Restrictor Plates, future updates will bring more variety.

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  1. Out of beta

Recent Reviews

  1. Benturner329
    Version: 0.5
    Nice engine and brakes. Working well

    Some mistakes I've noticed
    - In the parts menu, it's named 6.0L v10 not 6.7
    -Only one restrictor plate, No eco restrictor

    Everything else works like a dream
    1. MarkosRuiz
      Author's Response
      Mod has been updated and now it shows the content mentioned in the description. ;D
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