Outdated BMW E36/46 M & non-M Engines - ETKi 0.9.5

The whole M50 / M52 / M54 engine family for the ETKi

  1. More content!

    • Deleted M44B19 engine
    • Added M54B25 engine with a remap available
    • Slightly tweaked torque at 5500RPM of M54B30 engine
    • Slightly reduced inertia of M54B30 engine
    • Deleted, changed, added configs
    • Added supercharger for the M54B30 engine
  2. New engine, new transmissions, tweaks.

    • Added GT30 turbocharger to M50B20 engines
    • Added M54B30 engine
    • Added 4-speed GM 4L30-E automatic gearbox
    • Added 5-speed ZF 5HP18 automatic gearbox
    • Added 5-speed ZF S5-39 manual gearbox
    • Added 6-speed ZF S6-37 manual gearbox
    • Fixed M52B20 and M52B25 having wrong 3D models
    • Deleted airbox slot on M50 turbo
    • Deleted camshafts on M50B20 engines
    • Lowered...

    • Updated all engines sounds, nodes and beams
    • Added M44B19 engine
    • Added S54B32 engine
    • Tweaked low RPM torque of all engines
    • Added new turbos to the M50B25 engines
    • Added compression ratios to the M50B25 bottom ends
    • Tweaked 2.6L stroker bottom end of all B20 engines
    • Tweaked M52B20 M50 intake performance increase
    • Added camshaft options for M50B20 engines
    • Removed turbos from...
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