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Brittle Rock Island 3.0

A modified map of 'Dry Rock Island'.

  1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    Brittle Rock Island
    I loved Dry Rock Island, but as of the 0.9 update, Dry Rock Island was removed from the game. Not only that, DRI is a mess with it's issues, and bad optimization. Brittle Rock Island is heavily modified versions of Dry Rock Island. The map is a improvement over the deprecated Dry Rock Island, and pay tribute to what once was a map loved by all. List of improves include AI paths, decreased vegetation, reworked industrial area, smoother roads, additional roads/dirt paths, better sound placement, scenarios, and time trials.
    screenshot_00043.png screenshot_00047.png screenshot_00048.png screenshot_00049.png screenshot_00050.png screenshot_00052.png screenshot_00053.png screenshot_00054.png

    Brittle Rock Island
    BRI Hawaii US Plate Design

    Locate & Apprehend - Brittle Rock Island

    Rapid Response - Brittle Rock Island

    Destroy the Covet

    Time Trials
    'Road Assistance' Street Circuit

    'Around the Island' Street Course

    'The Boot' Dirt Track

    Dirt Track Circuit

    Use the Install button or drag the zip folder into your BeamNG.drive mods folder: Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods

    Make sure you clear the cache after every update. If you don't, it may cause issues when you are using the map.

    Do NOT write a review that mentions any bugs or glitches as the main topic. Any bugs, or glitches, please put them in the Discussion tab, or PM me.
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 3.0
  2. Update 2.0
  3. Patch 1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. rodmunch99
    Version: 2.0 (
    Great map for AI plus Hopper
  2. i_love_200bx
    Version: 1.1 (0.9)
    thank you for some true driving roads
  3. JetPoweredMacintoshâ„¢
    Version: 1.1 (0.9)
    Not nearly as good as DRI
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      Let me know in the discussion tab what I can do to make this map better.
  4. Clorox BIeach
    Clorox BIeach
    Version: 1.1 (0.9)
    maybe put the forest on taht one long curve road back and the offroad trials need some more "green" too
  5. MeatMystery
    Version: 1.1 (0.9)
    I think you may have gone a bit wild in the de-vegetationioning, and the parts of the map that could have used improvements, such as road textures, could be improved. If you were to replace the road textures with those from ECUSA and added foliage and textures from other stock maps this map would probably be a five star mod.
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      I can overhaul the road textures, which should be my next priority. I reason why the map lacks vegetation is the big FPS impact it has. So that's the reason why much of it is completely gone. I'll see what I can do.
  6. Erikpro333GamingYT
    Version: 1.1 (0.9)
    This is great, everything feels the same, even without a couple things here and there.
  7. Youngtimer
    Version: 1.0 (0.8)
    Nice, maybe you can add a city on island.
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      I will not be adding a city to the island, to keep it to its Dry Rock Island roots. I don't want to ruin the whole feel of the map.
  8. Poebat
    Version: 1.0 (0.6.1)
  9. whiterabbits6
    Version: 0.4 (0.6.1)
    this is really good thanks for making this mod m8
  10. American Money
    American Money
    Version: 0.4 (0.6.1)
    I love it. it looks like somebody came and rescued the island from disrepair looks great
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      That was my main goal. To give this depreciated island some love :)
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