Beta Buckyville Island 1.0

A small island in the pacific with everything for everyone!

  1. Features & Fixes V1!

    Experimental Pilot :-)
    FIXED: Map vanishing at certain places, bumpy road smoothed, floating objects grounded, dirt track guardrail looks and acts better, AI acts better.

    ADDED: some lighting, groundcover, NEW long bridge, NEW mountains with off-road trails and small town, NEW small airport, updated main airport,
    easy access to rally trails, more signs.

    IN PROGRESS: Traffic lights, Dragstrip, Docks, the Town of Buckyville, and more!
  2. First release!

    Experimental Pilot :-)
    It was broken so now this is actually the 3rd upload/2nd update/1st real release. this is an odd release message :l
  3. (FIXED hopefully)

    Experimental Pilot :-)
    first release fix! (it broke before it was public)
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