Burglar alarm system! Now works for mods! 2.01

Burglar alarm system for all vehicles (that they have navigation unit slot)

  1. S.Ali.M
    Hello everyone!

    This mod is a burglar alarm system for vehicles.

    It has 2 bindings:
    1. The first one turns off the alarm like when you do it with your car key and it's "K" by default.
    2. The second one deactivates the alarm function and it's "Shift + K" by default. Also it can lock/unlock doors if you select "Physically locking/unlocking" in the parts selector.

    This alarm can use these as burglar alarm audio:
    10 alarm sirens
    The current horn of the vehicle:

    If you select "Horn" in Alarm Audio slot.

    It will press the horn key and it means it uses the current horn of the vehicle, so it can use modded horns sounds too.
    It has 2 variables and you can change them in the tuning menu:

    One of them is how long the horn key will be pressed. For example, 0.5 means the horn key will be pressed for 0.5 second.
    And the other one is how long it should wait between each horn. For example, 0.5 means it waits for 0.5 second between each horn.

    Also, there are 5 blip audios that they will be played when locking or unlocking doors, you can choose one of them in the parts selector.

    How to use this system?

    Add it to your car, it's in the navigation unit slot.
    Stop the car and turn off the engine.
    Next press Shift + K to activate the alarm.
    Now hit your car by something.

    In this version, the alarm sensitivity is adjustable. It can be changed in the tuning menu:

    Hint: A value between 200 and 700 is recommended.

    How to turn off the alarm?

    Press "K" (turns off the alarm like when you do it with your car key)

    Press "Shift + K" (it deactivates/activates the whole burglar alarm system)

    Turn on your engine (same as Shift + K)

    Other features that added by the new update:

    This mod works for mods!!! The modded vehicle must have navigation unit slot, so it's possible that you can't use it on some mods, but it works on most of the popular mods like ETK w, ETK 1300, Ford Mustang (s550), Gavril B-series, the vehicles that they added by WBIMP mod, Ibishu Kashira , etc.

    You can lock/unlock doors. This locking/unlocking is a real and physically locking/unlocking (by default) that activates/deactivates the burglar alarm system too. Btw, it's still WIP and sometimes it breaks the latch of the doors, so I made it selectable and you can choose virtually locking/unlocking in the parts selector, but most of the time, it works good.
    Also, there's a support for Jamie599's Openable mod and you can't open doors even with the triggers when the doors are locked.

    The alarm will be turned on if you break one of the latches. It's customizable in the parts selector.

    Doors sensor means if you break the latch of one of the doors when the alarm is active, the alarm will be turned on.
    Same for hood and trunk/tailgate.

    Removed volume key bindings. Now the alarm volume should be changed in the tuning menu:

    An advice: Using realistic gearbox behavior is recommended when your car is parked (if you don't use it by default) because it shuts off the brake lights:

    Videos: (they're a bit outdated. If you record new ones, I'll be really thankful.)

    Some notes:
    Bus hasn't navigation unit slot, so the burglar alarm system for the bus is in the "Body Accessories" slot.

    The doors of the bus can't be locked/unlocked.
    And about default control keys: Most of the time they work good, but it's possible that they don’t work for some people. If you have this problem, you should add the control keys in the setting yourself. (They're in the vehicle category)

    Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Post it in Discussion thread

    Thanks for over 26000 downloads :D

    Thank list:
    Thanks to @angelo234 for teaching me how to access a variable in lua files.
    Thanks to @riofung2007 for some suggestions (adding horn sound as alarm audio, adding blip audios)
    Thanks to everyone who they used this mod and leaved a 5 star review.

    @Franz027: Testing the mod and finding some audio files.
    Me: Anything else

Recent Reviews

  1. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 2.01
    Covet go beeep beeep beeeep bep
    1. S.Ali.M
      Author's Response
      Thaaanks thaanks thaaaaaaaaanks thanks lol
  2. jecoyud1905
    Version: 2.01
    1. S.Ali.M
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  3. crashmaster
    Version: 1.50000001
    goouwud mod
    makes car go beep beep when hit.
    and now features proper key so no coupler key overwrite. GG
    1. S.Ali.M
    Version: 1.5
    Great Mod and the sound quality is much better the old version
    1. S.Ali.M
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and thanks again for your help
  5. LemonMaster
    Version: 1.5
    what a nice day driving this giant truck! Oops, is that alarm going off?
    1. S.Ali.M
  6. GlassCastle
    Version: 1.1
    This mod works flawlessly, but I have a small complain; The alarm sounds is too loud, it basically beats every existing sounds ingame. The alarm is a bit sensitive (You just shake the car and it literally trigger the alarm). Im also hoping to see more variety of alarm and blip sound in the future
    1. S.Ali.M
      Author's Response
      Resource updated. Now the alarm volume is adjustable. Please update your review if it's better now
  7. DoritoPowahhhh
    Version: 1.1
    Noo you cant make a alarm mod for a game where you crash cars!!!!!!111

    1. S.Ali.M
      Author's Response
      Exactly! Thanks
  8. ILoveOldCars
    Version: 1.1
    really realistic mod
    1. S.Ali.M
    Version: 1.1
    who hit my roamer
    1. S.Ali.M
      Author's Response
      Someone on earth lol
  10. Aristurtle
    Version: 1.1
    Details really make a difference.
    1. S.Ali.M
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