Beta Burglar alarm system! 1.50000001

Burglar alarm system for all vanilla vehicles

  1. Tiny update

    Just a tiny update.
    I changed the default bindings from L and Shift+L to K and Shift+K because the L is one of the vanilla keys that toggles the couplers.
  2. Huge update! Audio files recreated.

    Huge update! Audio files recreated.

    What has changed?
    1. These audio files recreated:
    All the horn sounds
    Blip 2
    Blip 3
    Blip 4
    Burglar alarm 6
    Burglar alarm 8
    Burglar alarm 9
    Burglar alarm 10

    2. Now you can adjust the alarm volume with keys. Shift + Up for increasing the volume. Shift + Down for decreasing the volume (by default. you can change them)....
  3. Fixed binding problem in vehicles (almost)

    Fixed binding problem in these vehicles because my mod was breaking these:
    Grand Marshall
    D series
    T series

    I added default bindings of these cars to my mod so the bug fixed.
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