Burnside PRND21 Gauge 1.0

Adds an Interior Color option with PRND21 gears gauge.

  1. .nokau
    This mod had been integrated into zschmeez's Burnside 4-Speed & 5-Speed Manual Transmissions.

    Adds an Interior Color option "Beige & Body Colored with PRND21 Gauge" to the Burnside Special, for automatic gearboxes with more gears than the stock PRND.


    feel free tweaking it to your usage:)

    • Just in case if you are making your own variant of this mod, create a new folder for your own textures and materials.cs is recommended to avoid possible repeated directory.

Recent Reviews

  1. blaken2015
    Version: 1.0
    This is just what I was looking for! I am trying to replicate the General Motors Hydra-Matic 4-speed transmission, unfortunately until the game can permit more customized gear selections this will have to do (not that this mod is in any way shape or form of poor quality).
  2. TagIstNacht676
    Version: 1.0
    great mod haven't used it yet but ill will do
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