Burnside Woody Wagon Skins 1.10

"Starting at just $2,200!"

  1. Update 1.10 - Revamp

    -Removed Super Special skins
    -Added more bolts to all skins except skin 2
    -Straightened sloped parts of wood around wheel arches, trim over front wheels, and trim inside wood on skins 3, 4, & 5
    -Fixed stretching of tailgate wood panels on all skins
    -Removed part of side wood that went in between taillight and bumper on skins 1 & 6
    -Added gap between wheel arch and wood on skins 1 & 6
    -Trim part of wood now wraps around to tailgate wood panel on skins 1 & 6
    -Added Family Estate badging to all...
  2. Update 1.9 - Skin

    -Added 1 new skin
  3. Update 1.8 - Various Fixes

    -Added Burnside logos to skins
    -Removed skins with wheel skirts because they don't line up with the rest of the skin (They will be added back when an update is released for the wheel skirts to line up with the body)
    -Added wood trim color around windows for all skins
    -Made colored configurations
    -Added info to configurations
    -Made a few skins better looking
    -Added 2 new skins- Super Special 1 and Super Special 6
  4. Update 1.7 - Bug Fixes

    Got thumbnail generator working so no more edited thumbnails

    Made small change to Woody Wagon 3 (Variation 3) skin
  5. Update 1.6 - Woody Wagon 1 Variations

    Added 2 new skins
    WoodyWagon1Variation3A.png WoodyWagon1Variation4A.png
    Made lettering on woody wagon 3 variation 2 look better

    I will fix the wheel skirts on the skin 1 variation 4 woody soon
  6. Update 1.5 - Woody Wagon 3 Variations

    Added 2 skins (Both variations of Woody Wagon 3 skin)

    Changed a few names

    WoodyWagon3Alt1A.png WoodyWagon3Alt2A.png

    My thumbnail generator is broken so I had to edit the thumbnails for the new skins
  7. Update 1.4

    Fixed an issue with Woody Wagon 3 skin caused by previous update
  8. Update 1.3

    Made change to Woody Wagon 3 skin

    This update was supposed to be combined with the last but I forgot
  9. Update 1.2

    Used thumbnail generator so now the cars in the vehicle selector don't look out of place
  10. Update 1.1

    You can now change shininess of wood separately from paint
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