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Beta Car Antlers 0.9.2

Not enough Christmas spirit.

  1. Godzilla!
    Show some Christmas spirit.​

    Info: Want to have your car celebrate the holidays like you? Put these antlers and nose onto your car!

    Highlights: Adds reindeer antlers and a red nose to 1989 Pessima (more cars to be added).

    ETK I-Series
    Fait One (by Naguluna)
    1989 Ibishu Pessima
    Ibishu Twoima (by Godzilla!)

    -Equip antlers as FL and FR doors' panel slots and nose under Front Grille's logo slot.

    Bitron B2 (by thomatoes50)
    Ibishu Covet including NinetyNine's BLITZ parts
    Ibishu Condensa (by SushiPro)
    Ibishu Hopper including Direct_UA's Gavril parts
    -Equip antlers as doors and nose under Front Fascia’s logo slot.

    Ibishu Hopper with Half Doors
    -Equip antlers as half door covers.

    Hirochi SBR4
    Ibishu 200BX

    Ibishu 200EX (by SushiPro)
    -Equip antlers as door panels and nose as bumpers.

    Hirochi Prasu (by crashmaster)

    -Equip antlers as door panels and nose as bumper lettering.

    Gavril Barstow

    -Equip antlers as door panels and nose as grilles.

    1994 Ibishu Covet (by Wrinkle345)

    Civetta Bolide
    Civetta Bolide ‘Corse‘ (by NinetyNine!)
    -Equip antlers as doors and nose as front bumpers.

    Ibishu Pigeon
    Semi EU (by Synsol and Jalkku)
    Ibishu Dove (Mike94's version)
    Melty Ibishu Pessima
    Gavril Grand Marshal

    Bruckell Road Cruiser (by Godzilla!)
    -Equip antlers as doors and reindeer nose as hood/bonnet.

    Hirochi Sunburst
    -Equip antlers as doors and reindeer nose as rally lights (rally lights optional).

    Gavril T-Series
    -Equip antlers as doors and reindeer nose as the hood accessory.

    ETK K-Series
    ETK 850-Series

    ETK 840-Series (by Bernd)
    ETK 830-Series (by Bernd)
    ETK S-Series (by NinetyNine!)

    -Equip antlers as doors and nose as front license plates (plate optional still).

    Burnside Special
    Burnside Led Sled

    -Equip antlers as doors and nose as hood badging.

    Gavril D-Series
    Gavril H-Series
    Gavril Roamer

    Ibishu Dove (Atomix's version)
    Ibishu Miramar
    Ibishu Miramar Hotrod (by D-Troxx)
    Ibishu Miramar Z (by NinetyNine!)
    Satsuma 210 (by mike94)

    -Equip antlers as doors and nose as front grilles/fascias.

    Fait Maluch 126p (by wojak)
    -Equip antlers and nose as Body Decoration (race kit optional).

    Bruckell LeGran
    Bruckell eGran (by Otto von Biscuit)
    1989 Ibishu Pessima Coupe (by Atomix)

    1989 Ibishu Pessima with Atomix's pop-up headlights
    Bruckell LeGran Coupe/Convertible (by Synsol)
    Bruckell Moonhawk

    -Equip antlers as FL and FR door panels and nose as front grilles/fascias.

    All car mods created by their rightful owners.

    GPACK configured Pessima and Christmas mod used in picture.

    Installation: Just download it and place it in your Mods folder or click Subscribe with the in-game repository. CLEARING CACHE RECOMMENDED


    Mod showcase by AppleCat (@charfire678).

    Compatibility: Requires BeamNG (December 8, 2017) or newer (actually, it'll work on an older version likely)! Best with official Christmas mod and patch.

    Notice: ALPHA stage (I normally don't release content at alpha stage), more cars to be added and some shading errors might be present. Equipping parts will vary for cars. No configurations. For visual appearance only (no jbeam structures). Antlers/nose might have placement errors on certain parts. Some parts might require (mentioned) mods.

    Special credit to @Acrain7 for the original idea, used with permission! All car mods involved in this are created by their rightful owners.


Recent Updates

  1. V0.9.2
  2. V0.9.1
  3. V0.9

Recent Reviews

  1. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 0.9.2
    what about antlers for bus
  2. Mr.Blueboy
    Version: 0.9.2
    I can celebrate Christmas aallll year! Celebrate it proudly with antlers!
  3. KuchenVier
    Version: 0.9.1
    For something simple, it's great. I'd suggest adding it to the Skoda or Dansworth. (if possible)
  4. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 0.9.1
    amazing. how about bitron and truck by synsol
  5. alyxtab1117
    Version: 0.9
    i see them in florida so it weird,but very good job!
  6. iheartmods
    Version: 0.2
    Finally, I can now be a yuppie soccer mom at Christmas time!
  7. BannedByAndroid
    Version: 0.2
    gib me S-Series antlers
    Jokes aside, nice mod!
  8. Nathan24™
    Version: 0.2
    Me want Rudolph Moonhawk
    1. Godzilla!
  9. SubaruSTI07™
    Version: 0.2
    awesome and funny i want to see this on the Hirochi Prasu (Toyota Supra)
    1. Godzilla!
  10. Miss Kobayashi
    Miss Kobayashi
    Version: 0.2
    Nice job,i wanna see this on bitron
    1. Godzilla!
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