Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. More fixes and improvements

    Another update that flushes things out and address some issues/bugs

    The major change is that the trophy room should load much faster, though the download size of this mod has increased a bit due to the fix. However, it should prevent your cache size from increasing by a large amount.

    Visual Changes:
    • Changed neutron stars to be more representative of the area of effect on Airborne 3:5
    • Reduced coils in tech levels being ludicrously fast
    • Lowered Car Curling 3:2's planet to be more visible and made the moon orbiting it more visible
    • Made the Car Darts scoreboard more clear as to the scoring
    Internal fixes/bug fixes:
    • Fixed asteroid not having a collision on Airborne 3:5
    • Re-fixed Z-fighting/flickering textures on Airborne 1:5
    • Fixed Cue Games 1:3 and 2:3 doubling up on saving data
    • Removed unnecessary assets
    • Fixed Car Curling 3:3 gold medal showing incorrect score
    • Fixed the position of the split ramp targets in Car Targets 1:4
    • Added in a UI popup for the score achieved on each target when you pass through a target on all the target levels
    • Car Target levels also have a breakdown of points at the end
    • Made all Car Dart events end quicker once the car is more or less stationary
    • Also, Cue Games 2:3's new Dev best is 2250 and Car Targets 1:4's new Dev best is 343
    screenshot_00070.png screenshot_00078.png screenshot_00077.png
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