Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. New Theme!

    Included in this V2 update is a new Theme: Planets - This theme piggybacks off of the space theme without being so difficult.

    Main Changes:
    • New Campaign: Theme 4 - Planets
    • Changed up trophy room a bit so teleporter works (doesn't do much currently)
    • Added in corresponding theme trophy to trophy room as well as medals slot
    Things to note:
    1. Make sure to clear your cache before entering previous levels and/or the trophy room as some cache files have changed which could cause severe lag at best or crashes at worst!
    2. All save files should be compatible with the new scenarios - but it is always good to have a backup of your save regardless (just in case something goes wrong!)
    3. If you did manage to get the perfectionist trophy...unfortunately it has been taken away from you until you get all diamond medals in Theme 4's events. Sorry :p.

    Once again, if I have messed something up or something is broken in any scenario, let me know in the discussions thread (it's bound to have happened ;))

    screenshot_00094.png screenshot_00093.png screenshot_00087.png screenshot_00092.png screenshot_00091.png screenshot_00090.png screenshot_00088.png screenshot_00089.png screenshot_00086.png screenshot_00085.png screenshot_00079.png screenshot_00081.png


    1. screenshot_00093.png
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