Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. Bug fixes and quality of life features

    Bit of a delay on this one; wanted to try and fix the main bugs with this mod but didn't quite get around to them all. I'm sure I have missed a few and there will probably be another update similar to this addressing those.

    Mostly bug fixes and trophy room changes with a few new changes here and there.

    Some models have changed so to prevent some issue with cache files, clear your cache before using the mod!

    Trophy Room:

    • Adjusted the elevation of the Sun to reduce the brightness on trophies and medals
    • Changed the texture of the silver medal to stand out more from the platinum medal
    • Added in the number of each medal achieved on the south side
    • Added rotation to black hole trophy
    • Added scroll animation as well as a glow effect to the teleporters
    • Applied emissive trait to medals to reduce affect by the Sun
    • Made the texture for the trophies case to be darker which makes the trophies stand out better
    • Theme cases have been redone including templates for medals and redone visuals for each theme's case
    • Adjusted the sky settings with theme 4 scenarios
    • Adjust medals and wording on scenario details for as well as removed non-integer scores in targets 3:4
    • Prevented negative scores (Darts, Airborne, Curling, Targets)
    • Added collision for toruses in theme 1
    • Fixed issue of car falling through map/terrain when falling off of scoreboards (darts+targets in various themes)
    • Fixed platforms wrong colour and size in targets 2:4
    • Fixed a target giving 110pts instead of 80pts in targets 2:4
    • Grid texture fixed in airborne 3:5
    • Also increased visible distance so that the star should still appear visible in lower graphics settings in airborne 3:5
    • Falling in water now fails the scenario in darts 4:1
    • Fixed an issue with the sky resetting in theme 5
    • Adjusted the rotation of some saws and also fixed falling off the table not ending the scenario in 5:3
    • Removed moving snakes in 4:5 since they didn't fit in so well
    • Fixed falling off of scoreboard in darts giving points
    • Fixed dart events sometimes giving full points for landing at a specific location outside the scoreboard
    • Changed the texture of the terrain for theme 1 to contrast with the other grass textures
    • Fixed exploit of being able to go through targets more than once
    • Remove random vehicle at the bottom of the map in 1:5
    • Scenario will now fail in airborne events if you fall of the road
    • Increased visible distance for some scenarios that needed it
    • Removed a second instance of the same tree in 1:4
    • Replaced the generic tree in theme 1 with another tree that is more suitable
    • Also adjusted camera elevation to accommodate changes to the in 1:4 as well as scenario thumbnail
    • Updated all cache files for models which have changed - again, clear your cache to prevent possible conflicts/issues
    • Added a counter to tell you how points you have accumulated so far in target events
    • Adjusted area of effect for powerups in darts 2:1 and 3:1 to be more lenient
    • Re-fixed the transparency issue with the moon in 3:2
    • Changed model of the snake egg to have non-sticky collisions in 4:5


    1. screenshot_00037.png
    2. screenshot_00038.png
    3. screenshot_00039.png
    4. screenshot_00040.png
    5. screenshot_00041.png
    6. screenshot_00043.png
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