Car Games V2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. 0.16 fixes and few tweaks

    This update fixes all scenarios not working as they do not have waypoints and also fixes the stars in the space levels being completely white and not showing their proper texture (rotations are currently disabled for them for now to fix this - might add this in with some matrix magic later ;))

    One other thing is that the number of medals unlocks themes now, instead of having to complete each theme entirely to unlock the next. If you go near a locked theme, it will tell you how many more...
  2. Airborne hotfix

    This fixes the airborne events that don't track speed (ie. every theme except the last)
  3. Quick fix for airborne events

    Forgot to reimplement a condition causing the airborne events to never end in the last version.
    This fixes that, plus a new score for dev. best: 633 on airborne 1:5
  4. Behind the scenes work + scenario specific changes

    Mostly behind the scenes work, but it means I can update it easier now and have less code to worry about.

    Features a few scenario-specific fixes that weren't addressed the last update.

    Next update may be a little while since I am experimenting with another mod I have been wanting to make for a little while, but if and when that is through, I want to have another major content update for this mod, so that'll be coming at some point in the...
  5. Event fixes/changes + more UI

    This update adds in two new UI's (powerups and timer - screenshots of these at the bottom of this post) and also includes lots of event fixes and changes.

    Next update will likely be more fixes but I wanted to get this update out as it fixes the majority of theme 5 and some of theme 4. I'm also reviewing how themes should unlock, since, after playing the mod for testing, I can see how not being able to complete a level can prohibit unlocking any more themes.

    [COLOR=rgb(0, 0,...[/SIZE]
  6. 0.15 fix + couple of changes

    0.15 fixes:
    • Fixed rotation lag with any objects that rotate
    • Fixed rotors in 5:4 not rotating
    • Fixed some objects in 3:5 not showing up until you get close to them
    Miscellaneous fixes/changes:
    • Fixed target score going back to bronze score when achieving a diamond medal
    • Added nitro UI for airborne events that use nitro
    • A couple of code structural and efficiency improvements
    Hope everyone is having/had a great holiday. I also can't...
  7. Update tick fixes

    I have to thank FailRace for pointing out this issue; if your game is running at a different amount of frames per second (ie. update ticks), then triggers act at different times.

    This update should fix any issue with triggers not working with lower or higher frame rates.
  8. Fixes of the fixes

    Fixes to some issues caused by the inheritance implementation of 1.0.4
    • This fixes powerups not resetting after the latest update.
    • This also fixes cue games 3:3 from not being reset
    • Also, the collision for a nitro powerup in airborne 2:5 has been disabled to prevent you crashing into it
  9. Powerup fixes

    • Fixed powerups not correctly working which gated progress through the mod.
    • This should also fix any problems with errors in the log about non-existent functions too.
    Particles may still be broken in either smallgridspace or smallgrid; still looking into this issue currently.
  10. Update to 0.14 + A few more fixes and tweaks

    This update fixes the JSON reading change that happened in 0.14.
    Also, there's a few more tweaks and fixes:

    • Fixed championship points not allocating properly if a previous best was already better than the medal you achieved
    • Fixed championships not allowing anymore points for the last event if you already had more than 15
    • Fixed occasional issue of spamming of console with error messages when changing from curling to another event
    • Fixed championship display not...
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