Beta Cardinal Spyder 2020 1.0

A convertible supercar based on the Toyota Supra A90

  1. Angry_Bird
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    This is my first post on BeamNG.Drive, so don't be so judgmental! This is the Cardinal Spyder, a supercar based on the Toyota Supra A90, but with a twist of being a convertible and having more than 600 HP! Here are some basic performance information for you:
    - 2 Door, 2 Seater, AWD Convertible Hardtop Coupe
    - Engine: BMW S58, 630 HP, 480 LB FT
    - Transmission: BMW 7-Speed M DCT
    - Acceleration (0-100km/h, Automation): 2.9s
    - Top Speed (BeamNG): 325 km/h
    - Roadholding: 1.2 G
    - Price: $75000 USD (40 percent markup)
    - Weight: 1700 KG

    Give me some review after you drove it, I will be uploading more mods soon, don't forget to burn some rubber!

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  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Oh Man! It's So cool!
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