Experimental Cheat Panel 0.4.1

A panel with fun features

  1. _N_S_
    Cheat panel
    This is a user interface mod that adds a panel with fun stuff
    12.png 112.png
    @Bexcon Testing.
    @fylhtq7779 Testing and tips.
    @_N_S_ UI development and Lua code development.

    Features of the mod(0.1):
    1. Rainbow mode.


    1.1 The ability to adjust the roughness.


    2. Drift/Drag/ WTF mod.
    These parameters multiply the static and sliding FrictionCoefficient surfaces by
    Drift - 0.5, 0.5
    Drag - 2.0, 3.5
    WTF - 0.9, -0.5

    3. Indestructible engine
    This parameter makes the engine not killed by temperature and high torque.

    3.1 MORE POWER!!!
    This parameter increases the torque.

    3.2 Auto
    Thanks to this parameter, the increase in torque occurs more smoothly, since the increase occurs relative to the current speed of the car.

    P.S. The mod is in a WIP, and I will be glad to see your ideas for improving it in the comments.
    P.p.s. This is my first mod for the user interface, + my first experience with lua - if you find any errors in the code, you can write about them.

    Available languages - English and Русский
    Btc 19rQubL3AWkHE2f5VcekVTcTKsFuriBsUT (btc)
    /*the text is written using Google Translator:)
    I apologize for possible inaccuracies*/


Recent Reviews

  1. Aztekaz
    Version: 0.4.1
    Should there be a reload button now? What about resizing the window? I can't do those things in 0.4.1. Great mod, keep it up!
  2. Bodzio
    Version: 0.4.1
    i mean i dont even know how to open the mod i have it installed but there is no information how to open a panel help pls
  3. nomanhidayat
    Version: 0.4
    so i installed the mod i turned on drag mode and when i deleted the mod the car keeps flipping when i turn so i closed the game
  4. Xela
    Version: 0.4
    it work's pretty well but can you make a feature to reduce the window (like in the traffic app for exemple) or at least make a version with less flashy colors?
  5. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 0.4
    indestructible engine and more power dont work when reload is pressed it will automatically deactivate/disable it
  6. TRPZN
    Version: 0.3
    Excellent Mod,
    1 Problem. The More Power and the Indestructible Engines keeps resetting my car. What i can do about it?
    1. _N_S_
      Author's Response
      If the Indestructible Engine restarts the car, you need to click on the Reload button
  7. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 0.3
    car go brrrrrr 10000/5
  8. Hawkins
    Version: 0.3
    Indestructible engine constantly refreshes the vehicle, but something feels wrong about easily drifting a T-series. Looking forward to bugfixed future updates :)
    1. _N_S_
      Author's Response
      If the Indestructible Engine restarts the car, you need to click on the Reload button
  9. Josh 972
    Josh 972
    Version: 0.1
    Well do you have a discord to report the bugs / errors that I see ? My discord is (᲼᲼ᴶᵒᶳʰ ⁹⁷²᲼᲼#7517)
  10. JohnH3
    Version: 0.1
    I don't know what is the point of this mod. I can't even get the damn car mods to select the colour black. For me this mod is totally useless. ?I understand it is your first attempt and I say BRAVO for that! And...to be kind I will give you 5 out of 5 stars! Enjoy :-D
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