Beta Cherrier Vivace 1991-1998 (automation) 1.0

first generation of vivace

  1. Drogówka
    the vivace mk1/gen1 is compact car sold by cherrier brand in 1991-1998 , that started producing cars in france and later move it to asia .
    The vivace got past and next generation and it was popular around pre-war cities with thin roads .
    This vivace could have 3 or 5 door in hatchback body , combi , and exclusive for export : pickup (cancelled) .
    Same as model from 2020 , this vivace could be sold as : tograc - grandpa of today crossovers ( in plans ) , s.120 - sporty FWD hatchback that could fight with other german small cars , Thalassa E - luxusy hatchback with engines from Ibishu or Hirochi .
    Vivace was good competitor to Charmand 1000 serie or Bitron B2 , but sadly like these cars , cherrier had problems with corrosion due to lower prises for cars .
    the whole vivace from 1991-1998 is based on citroen AX after it got facelifted in late 1991 and in this version , its ,,sport'' version .
    Ill try updating this mod and aslo create one with interiour and normal crashing system , but this will take some time , that i dont have right now .
    also you can only see photos on official beamNG drive side , so concider going there to check em.


    1. CHERRIERAD.png
    2. VIVACEAD.png
    3. cherrierads.png
    4. vivacepromote.png
    5. CHERRIERproomote.png
    6. cherrierpromote.png

Recent Reviews

  1. michael_zowski
    Version: 1.0
    I like it
    1. Drogówka
      Author's Response
      thanks ! ill try adding more versions to it , but i need some time for that
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