Chinese Special Vehicles Pack 中国特种车辆包 4.5

Chinese Skins 中国涂装

  1. fix some bugs and add some new skins 修复了一些bug并加了一些新涂装

    20170606121851_1.jpg Gongan Chinese Police ETKI
    20170606123614_1.jpg Beijing Chengguan ETKI
    20170606125945_1.jpg Gongan Chinese Police ETKI
    20170606130832_1.jpg Old Gongan Chinese Police Pessima
    20170606130916_1.jpg Old Gongan Chinese Police ETKI
    20170606132704_1.jpg Gongan Chinese Police Super
    20170606140713_1.jpg Gongan Chinese Police Hatch
    20170606201832_1.jpg Taiwan Police ETKI
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