Beta (City of) Los Injurus 2020-12-02-mod

The large city of Los Injurus welcomes you with an update!

  1. bob.blunderton
    Please CLEAR CACHE first before you run the updated version of the map.
    HUGE content update

    I just randomly dragged recent pictures into this, so pardon if they don't all work. Look at my recent posts in the discussion thread for more.
    If it fails to load after 10~12 minutes, please private message me, OR message me on the discussion thread, with your system configuration.
    System Requirements:
    MESH details can usually be maxed regardless of all but lowest detail, the map actually looks BAD if you leave this below MAX.
    An analog joystick or steering wheel is recommended for the best BeamNG Drive experience.

    Driving alone on LOW detail:
    1~2gb GPU, generally whatever will run BeamNG, use LOWEST if it's too slow.
    8GB of system RAM
    Intel 2xxx or Ryzen CPU at 2.2ghz or better
    AMD FX or non-Ryzen APU, or Core 2 series not officially supported, may not work or may be too slow
    10GB free disk space

    Driving alone on medium texture details:
    3~4GB GPU Radeon RX 460/550, Nvidia 970 or better
    8~16GB of 1600mhz system RAM
    Intel 2xxx or Ryzen CPU at 3ghz or better.
    RYZEN APU should be OK to run low/medium, make sure your BIOS is set to 2gb reserved for Video RAM.
    10GB free disk space

    Driving with a half-dozen vehicles on medium details:
    4GB GPU same as above
    16~24GB of 2400mhz system RAM
    Intel 4xxx i7 or 8xxx i5, or Ryzen 1600 at 3.5ghz or better.
    10GB free disk space

    Driving with 12~16 vehicles on high details while maintaining 30~40fps minimums or better:
    8gb GPU RX 470 or 1070 or better.
    24GB of 3200mhz system RAM
    10GB free disk space
    Ryzen 3700x / 5800x, or intel 9900k/10700k at 4ghz or better.

    Ryzen 3900x, xt, 3950x, 5900x, 5950x @ 4ghz or intel 10900k @ 5ghz will allow you to run a few extra vehicles in addition, fast system memory helps a bit here on Ryzen systems especially. Dual-rank memory on Ryzen 5xxx helps a notable bit in addition to fast memory itself. Most 16gb DDR4 sticks are dual rank if interested.
    Going higher on CPU than 3900x/5900x is not recommended as you end up hitting a wall with the DirectX 11 single-threaded draw calls. HEDT systems not recommended but may bring additional FPS gains in the 'minimum fps' department. 1st and 2nd generation Threadripper not recommended for BeamNG use due to NUMA (memory access) latency. 3rd gen is OK but VERY expensive.

    I mean it, if you don't meet system requirements, you won't have a fun time. That said I've had people run it on low/lowest on 12 year old computers (1st gen i7 900 series) with enough RAM and a Radeon 5750 1gb video card.
    @NOCARGO Thank-you for making a video demoing part of the map!

    Would love to have some current video reviews, so if you make one, please reply to the discussion thread and I will post it in the resource page here. Enjoy the map, and know that it's supported via the Patreon members. Doing this costs me money on a fixed income, any extra beyond covering software costs goes to pay for professional textures and assets. Sometimes free open-source stuff doesn't cut it, especially if you need support or have questions - though I use open-source programs and software where possible.
    NO pirated software was used. NONE. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.
    NO assets from commercial games (except this one) were used.
    Please do not blatantly copy stuff out of the /commercial/ folder inside this map's data structure. Things within this folder are purchased for this map, and hence could result in a DMCA take-down if you re-upload a map that has those resources in it. This is a small part of the map so it doesn't make a really big deal, but just wanted to get that out of the way. Please speak with me before using those resources so I can get you some replacement textures if you need to use models that use them.
    You can be a Patreon here at this link, and get updates which come once or sometimes twice a month, and get more of a voice in how the map is made.
    Being a Patreon is not required, but is appreciated.

    This map also contains a complete 900-piece Modular Road Kit (the MRK) complete with everything you need to build your own city and everything you see in this one. Those roads aren't all one piece like West Coast, they're all modular. So have a look around, see what you like, pop open the forest brush and have a go at it. Most of it is categorized, and any updated pieces in the future will be drop-in-replacements requiring little to no additional work (beyond file copying) by the mapper.
    Everything is in the shapes/MRK folder inside the map except the subway stations which are under shapes/buildings/metrocity folder with the building structures. All pieces in this map may be used by others with credit AND a link-back to this resource - this was a big part of this map's purpose.

    P.S. I am slowly building a credit list for user submitted buildings, which so far includes:
    Brother Dave - Rural Hotel - not yet used in the map
    Fufsgfen - Tall bank tower - not yet used in the map
    Ghost - size-spec for large variety of flood control canal, no models used, textures may be imported at a later date, will update if necessary
    MitchB25 (if I remember correctly) - benches, a few odds and ends signs from Expressway (Australia) map (older map).
    BeamNG - awesome base game from which many textures and a few models here and there are drawn from, though much of the buildings and homes are my own creation, except a lone abandoned service station, the new ECA service stations, and the ECA concept area on the far side of the lake (this will be torn down and re-made but the car-stunt area and school will stay).
    If I've forgotten someone, and I just may have, please send me a private message, explaining what asset was donated, even if it wasn't used yet or otherwise 'you can't find it in the map', I might just not have gotten to it yet.

    To those who submitted homes, and the homes aren't in yet, be aware that is top-priority now that the map is out. Please be patient, you'll receive a free private update when it's in!

    AGAIN, IF YOU HAVE SO-CAL INTERSTATE MAP, AND THIS ONE, YOU *WILL* HAVE PROBLEMS, please delete so_cal_interstate zip from your PC before running this or they WILL conflict.

    If you are a popular Youtube personality and review maps, PLEASE DO, and I can add it to the resource page!

    Technical issues, loading errors, glitchy badness, or asset rights questions?

    If you have an issue, or other technical error, or feel the need to complain, please contact me in the discussion forum tab above this listing first, so I can give you some trouble-shooting options. Please also have your BeamNG log handy which is located in documents/ folder, and post it. Please also try loading the game with ONLY this mod.

    Fine print:
    NO assets in this map were ported, copied, or otherwise used from other commercial intellectual property (except where assets may have been purchased from appropriate legal asset retailers), games, past or present other than BeamNG Drive itself. Likenesses to business may be coincidental but are within the realm of free speech and artistic freedoms of the United States constitution.
    That being said if you still have an issue with myself or my map, legal or not, feel generally offended or find something in the map is too offensive, please contact me in private so we can resolve this properly in a timely manner. Please allow 72 hours for a reply. Thank-you for trying Los Injurus mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nacio007
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    I really like the map. I like to drive around in Beamng a lot, this is the map for just driving around and exploring a bit. I have a question, how can the Community help? Is there any way to help, without knowing too much, how to mod? If yes I would be happy to help here and there. Thanks in advance for Anwsering! Have a nice day!
  2. PatrickBsyd
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    the best map mod we had in the respository, i wish this would add support for reshade RTglobalillumination and some etc reflection mapping.. it would be perfect!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Whenever I find out how to configure RESHADE with RT on this map, I'll be on it like flies on stink. I have a 2070 Super, and I would *LOVE* to see my headlights reflecting off the reflectors on the roadways / barriers in RT.
      I am waiting with baited breath on it, so if you figure out how, or know someone who does, DO give a shout-out in the discussion thread. I will assist any configuration changes needed (to the map) in that instance.
      --Glad you enjoy the map, it's a work in progress but there's many miles of fun to be had.
  3. Worldscout
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    Well the map is unbelievable, except i have cleared my cache multiple times but the were still some mountain textures missing. Also since the new update 0.21.0, when I try to load the map, the game totally crashes. It would be cool if you would fix it, because it´s an amazing project. Keep on!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      No issues here with textures, models, or otherwise.
      Re-download the mod, and also, make sure to use MEDIUM resolution / detail for textures. Mesh detail can be left high/max.
      Please use discussion thread for more correspondence.
      Thank-you for the info however.
  4. BlondeOfHazzard
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    Truly the best map out there, but it is reminding me that my 2GB 770 is getting on a bit...!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Yes, I used my Radeon 7850 2gb (which is still fast enough minus reflections and depth-of-field) last year when my RX 480 8gb drivers kept crashing out before replacing it with an RTX card.
      Even 8GB of VRAM isn't quite enough. You really need a 1080Ti, 2080Ti, 3080/3090/ Radeon VII, Vega 64 16gb creator edition, 6800/xt/6900xt to run this map at it's fullest.
      I am in the process of scaling down a few of the textures where it won't hurt map quality as much. When I am done with that process (it'll take a good month or more yet until I finish), then maybe us folks (myself included) can enjoy the map without worrying of texture detail overloading VRAM on the GPU so much.
      Thank-you for the awesome compliments.
      I will be doing the best I can in the mean-time customizing mip-maps of the roads so that folks on LOW detail can still see the delineation (lines) on the roads at distance and that the traffic lights don't break on LOW either (you currently need MEDIUM settings I believe for traffic lights to work well).
      So yes, many thanks, and worry not, work continues and will for quite some time in making a map to make this game truly expansive and enjoyable.
  5. jecoyud1905
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. falefee
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    my new favorite map to drive on that just keeps getting better and better!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks, that's what I'm working towards.
      Trying to do the best I can here to give us plenty of places to drive and stuff to find/explore and so-forth.
      We deserve a GTA sized world with almost the same attention to detail - while I am only one person and GTA had dozens/hundreds of designers working on the map itself, I can still try.
  7. Timotjee
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    Fantastic, except for the fact that the map it not loadable in Beammp anymore.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      I would encourage the BeamMP folks to contact me about this, maybe you can give them a heads up.
      I have satellite internet that can barely stream video, let alone play anything multiplayer (read: never). It's horridly inconsistent and completely unreliable. So I cannot, and won't be able to test BeamMP, hence I cannot support it even if I wanted to.
      That said, I'll ask around and see if anyone's had any luck with it.
      --Thank-you for bringing this to my attention.
  8. thegaming11
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    how will work with i5 3330 3.0 ghz 8gb ram ddr3 1600mhz hyperx fury
    and a gtx 1050ti ssc evga
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Try it on low or medium. If anything causes it to not load, that'd mean you're out of RAM. While I don't support (officially) 8gb or less of RAM, you're welcome to try.
      Keep in mind you currently need an 8gb video card and 16gb RAM to run full high detail textures.
      The processor will be fine for a vehicle or two.
      It *should* work though.
  9. Agent_Y
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    Amazing new update, the new tunnel looks stunning! It can get a bit laggy when using free cam at full speed on it, but otherwise there isn't too big of an impact on performance there (haven't tested with traffic yet though). Keep improving this, it will be the best map ever once it's finished!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      It'll work nicely with traffic & I use traffic all the time on it, especially when I want a good laugh.
      Traffic will blissfully fly through unlevel intersections and right over speed humps like they're not even there. The results, especially with awareness OFF (toggle it on/off a few times), are absolutely hilarious.
      Otherwise, traffic should be pretty realistic, as I have spent a lot of time debugging issues with it (while it's not 100% always perfect).
      Flying over the map will hitch now and then if you go full speed free camera due to the game engine having to load in assets often. Driving through it or flying an aircraft over it should work pretty well provided you're not going 500mph.
      I wouldn't recommend flying though if you like awesome visuals, as the city can get pretty hideous in spots when you fly over it and look down. I have a lot of work to do in that department currently.
      Glad you enjoy it!
  10. hellacat
    Version: 2020-12-02-mod
    always been a great alternative to west coast. never had an issue and i love the long roads and variety
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