Beta Civetta Bolide F8 3.0

First Flat 8 engine mod ever!

  1. Major Revamp!

    Major Revamp!

    1. Engine model revision

    - Same Flat 8 model but with some revisions.
    - Added headers from Bolide into F8 for NA configs.
    - Added Turbo models from Bolide into F8 for Turbo configs.
    - Improved Piping via the use of Bolide Muffler models.
    - Quad Turbos are now Twin Turbos instead.



    2. Tire and wheel revision

    - Tires and wheels got fixed.
    - New set of race tires for the F8 GT3.

    3. Revised configs

    - F8 S and F8 SP are gone and replaced into F8 GTS.


    - F8 1100-4TTS and F8 1400-4TR are replaced into F8 TT MW.


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