Unsupported Civetta Bolide - LS Swapped 1.35

World's first LS-swapped Civetta Bolide!

  1. Angry_Bird

    LINK: https://www.beamng.com/resources/civetta-bolide-ls7.19685/

    Hello everyone this is my first official real BeamNG mod, it features an engine swap with a slew of upgraded radiator as well as ESC and ABS. Since it's my first real actual mod, don't be too critical on me, if there is anything, tell me on this thread instead https://www.beamng.com/threads/civetta-bolide-ls-swapped.77904/

    Note: I kept the original Civetta V8 engine model in the mod is because the LSX pushrod is actually surprisngly compact, take a look at this picture.


    Description: Cardinal Tuning GmbH has launched the LSX427 swap for the Civetta Bolide. Since the Bolide’s discontinuation it has purchased rights to build the Bolide using the blueprints for the chassis as well as building the parts. The main keypoint is its 723 horsepower and its 686 lb-ft of torque LSX427 engine which doesn’t look too different from the original Bolide’s V8 engine as OHVs aren’t very large in size while having lots of torque and power. It has been equipped with a sequential gearbox, ABS & ESC, retro racing wheels and tires, race suspension and stable aero for maximum enjoyment in daily driving as well as track racing.

    My own background brand in BeamNG Automation verse is Cardinal Tuning GmbH. I will release more mods in the future as well. Cheers!

    Pictures: It looks very vanilla stockish both in exterior and interior, but inside the car's performance, it is the exact opposite.

    lsx427bolide.png screenshot_2021-03-27_03-50-53.png screenshot_2021-03-27_03-52-00.png

    Awaiting approvals, will delete old versions to make sure you guys would avoid bugs.

    Note: It is strong suggested to use the torque curve UI app to see how torquey the car is, also make sure to activate ESC before driving as it would make driving it much easier and better!

Recent Updates

  1. Naming Fixes and a new fresh look
  2. Quick Fix
  3. Name change hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. sashage666
    Version: 1.35
    I loved the mod before but the new update made me not like it as much is there any way you could put the old engine in the car
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Go to version history and download version 1.2
  2. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.35
    maybe use the gavril/bruckell engine sound
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      the classic v8 sounds more like a generic muscle car, but the super flat plane sound is more hypercar like.
  3. Aditya Nugroho
    Aditya Nugroho
    Version: 1.2
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      An engine with a shit ton of power and torque. Sorry for not putting in the model, will do it in future updates since I haven't figured how to create brand new engine model from ground up. Reminder this is my first mod. If you don't believe it, try put up the torque curve or something UI and you will see.
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