Beta CNVY Hopper Offroad Parts 2.0

My offroad parts pack for the Ibishu Hopper

  1. 4x4convoy
    This is a pack that includes my offroad parts for the Ibishu Hopper. I will keep updating this pack with the different parts I make.

    Parts included in this pack:

    Long Arm Kit:
    • custom long arm frame with new link mounts, custom front/rear axles with new, longer links, and custom springs and coils that are longer for more travel
    (tan jeep is stock with off-road springs and coils, no sway-bar. blue jeep is stock with long arms, longer off-road springs and coils, no sway-bar)
    screenshot_2021-09-23_15-11-18.png screenshot_2021-09-23_14-55-48.png

    Stock Crawler Cage:
    • This mod takes the cage from the crawler hopper and cuts the frame, front hoops, and rear suspension mounts off to make it useable with the stock hopper frames. The cage starts out as a bare minimum cage and you can add door bars, windshield bars, additional rear support bars, and the roof. The fuel cell has been added to the fuel tank drop down menu so when using the cage you can select the fuel cell and everything will line up. The driveshaft, fire extinguisher, antenna, and floor jack are also selectable.
    (blue jeep with no fuel cell is the bare minimum cage, the white jeep with the roof is with all the different options added on)
    screenshot_2021-10-25_18-13-05.png screenshot_2021-10-25_18-11-09.png screenshot_2021-10-25_19-58-36.png screenshot_2021-10-25_19-59-39.png

Recent Updates

  1. Crawler Cage

Recent Reviews

  1. M1128Stryker
    Version: 2.0
    What tires are those in the pics? Really liking those, would love to have them on my vehicles!
    1. 4x4convoy
      Author's Response
      they're nix's private tires
  2. ThePeaceKeeper
    Version: 1.0
    awesome addition to the hopper. Looking forward to future updates, not sure if the extended hopper is included in that but it would be nice to have those options on the 4 door variation as well.
  3. Micaaelc
    Version: 1.0
    I could try to do something so that we can use bigger pens without taking the car, I really liked the mod!
  4. AsianPotato19
    Version: 1.0
    The springs and shocks are cool, however the new frame and suspension set up somehow disables 4WD from working.
    1. 4x4convoy
      Author's Response
      i just tested it by putting locking diffs, 4wd crawler trans, and locking front hubs on the normal frame, then switching it to my long arm frame and the 4wd still works fine. nobody i had test the mod had this issue. i think it might be a problem on your end.
  5. Giorgio89
    Version: 1.0
    Could you make a version with stretched wheelbase? Such as real life, after going bigger than 35" tires you need at least 100" to keep the vehicle stable.
    Thanks in advance.
    Keep going, Sir
    1. 4x4convoy
      Author's Response
      im planning on making a mod that gives the hopper different axles, proper 4 link suspension, coilovers, and the ability to stretch the wheelbase like the front 3 link axle on the dseries
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