Conquistador Gorge (the literally BIG UPDATE) 6/27/2017 (2)

A brutal arctic rally course inspired by the MotorStorm and FlatOut series.

  1. DuneWulff
    (welcome to...)
    A MotorStorm/FlatOut Style Rally Course

    This is a rally map based around the style of the MotorStorm and FlatOut racing series. For those of you unfamiliar with these games, they're basically about taking your environment and racing a track made out of it. This means you're racing through industrial chaos, cliff faces, rivers, and the like.
    This map is designed to mimic the chaos and destruction of these games. The map follows one "main" route that contains numerous alternative routes that come with their own advantage/disadvantages.

    Additionally, in the true MotorStorm style, the class of vehicle you choose to race with will change how you approach the track - larger vehicles such as the Roamer or D-Series are capable of crossing through deep water paths that would easily disable smaller cars.

    The map is still in WIP, but I figured it was at a mostly-finished stage, so here it is. :)

    *Note that this is a huge, fully detailed map. It requires a decent computer to run comfortably.
    screenshot_00280.png screenshot_00281.png screenshot_00276.png screenshot_00277.png screenshot_00273.png screenshot_00240.png screenshot_00225.png screenshot_00224.png screenshot_00233.png screenshot_00234.png screenshot_00235.png screenshot_00236.png

    (my personal, unperfected lap around the course:

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Recent Reviews

  1. SBR4Ever
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Tried to run through this map with the offroad FR17... EPIC :D
  2. falefee
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Played this map such a long time ago, loved it!
  3. TheOneAndOnlyTwix.
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Overall an awesome map! I like the atmosphere and the uncertainty of the map. My only complaint would be the spawn point/lack of spawn points, but good job nevertheless!
  4. Berke
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Has an EXCELLENT atmosphere. But needs more jumps
  5. thegreatbarnaby
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Whoever made this map, you sir are a god
  6. Rolph
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Very nice map, hard to complete without breaking car. However, some jumps are just too difficult IMO. Big plus for the meme-worthy spectators
  7. furiousfireball
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Good mod, what is the derby bus mod you used in the pics?
    1. DuneWulff
  8. StarredKing101
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    good map, insane course and really hard to complete clean. job well done!
  9. InfinityGaming
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Map with a crap ton of potential but it some things really need some love. For example: I love the fact that you added jumps into your track but they are so hard to conquer without messing up your hole vehicle. You should make the jumps more forgiving so if you don't land perfectly, your car will still be partly fine. This doesn't mean that all the jumps should be more friendly because I think a high-risk high-reward aspect definetely suits this map. There are also some areas in the map where its simply a dead end when you access it. This should be removed with out a doubt.

    I also have a hard time trying to find the road but that's probably because I have some texture bugs. I will send you a private message about this and I didn't consider it when making this review.

    I hope you use this information properly instead of plain ignoring it.
  10. SkipperPlay
    Version: 6/27/2017 (2)
    Can you make a lite version for notebooks and non-descent computeres?
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