Beta Cool Roamers 1.0

Some cool Roamer Configs

  1. yolo-phil
    Hello Community!

    I created a little Config Mod, whish adds three fun Roamers in Your Game:

    This one is named "Jellyfish". It has very wobbly Suspension.


    This is the "Flipper". It has very hard and Bouncy Suspension.

    This is the "Stanced" Config. Its Suspension is very low to the ground.
    20160709161059_1.jpg 20160709161541_1.jpg

    For Installation: Download Folder and place it in The Beamng Mods Folder. (Located in Documents/BeamNG/mods)

    More Screens+Showcase Video
    20160709182629_1.jpg 20160709182607_1.jpg 20160709182643_1.jpg

    Have fun Playing!

Recent Reviews

  1. krazygamer18
    Version: 1.0
    The Jelly flipped more than the flipper and the jelly's wheels are too weak.
    1. yolo-phil
      Author's Response
      It´s a config mod. I can´t do anything about Tire strentgh.
      Tip for the flipper: Go about 80-90 mph, turn full left and imitietly full right. Should make some nice Rolls
  2. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks, did a demo-derby with flippers
    1. yolo-phil
      Author's Response
      hope you had fun!
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