Covet 4WD CVT 4.0

A Covet that can go nearly everywhere!

  1. Fixed for 0.21

    Now with a 4WD transfer case that's usable with every type of front differential when using the CVT.
  2. Minor update

    Now with a actual transfer case on the gearbox if you have WBIMP installed!
  3. Now with 4WD on non-CVT models!*

    *If you use the Geared Limited Slip Front Differential, that is.

    Also added the RWD parts from DPMP/WBIMP to the mod again.
  4. Completely redone for 2019

    Rewrote from the ground up, now compatible with the torsionReactor and the Final Drive option. 4WD only works with the CVT transmission for now however.

    and in other news, JSON is pretty easy to code once you get the hang of it, took me an hour to rewrite the entire mod!
  5. Another huge update

    Now out of Alpha and with more center diff options, and selectable 4WD!
  6. Configs fixed.

    One of the configs was using @AdamB's Covet l3 mod, causing it to spawn without engine.
  7. Moar gearboxes and T-cases!

    Now with loads of new stuff:

    AWD T-case with High-Low gearing
    Rear 4.25 LSD
    4-speed auto gearbox
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