Covet Ci + CiS 1.015

The coupe that no one asked for lol

  1. sjbphoto
    The Covet Ci + CiS

    This is the Coupe Variant of the Covet
    Ibishu produced the Ci and CiS along side of the Covet for the same duration of time.
    Ci: Coupe integration
    Coupe integration Sport

    @Spiicy : Model Work

    @waboll : Configs
    Me: editing and adding to Jbeam
    BeamNG Devs: Original jbeam stuctures and model

    The Config names are:

    -1.5 Ci
    -1.5 Coupe Sport

    Bugs/To-Do List:
    -no config pics yet
    -no exhaust; need to jbeam it
    -trunk jbeam is bad
    -still slight weird areas with textures
    -um uv will never have skin support so sorry
    -jbeam in general needs some touch up work

    Beta Testers:
    -i honestly cant remember who else but yes

    Also, yes, the file name is "covet_oof"

Recent Updates

  1. lol forgot a bracket
  2. Fixed Jbeam Errors

Recent Reviews

  1. fonsecafjfb
    Version: 1.015
    It was nice until 0.16 broke it.
    I hope to see a fix soon. Also, add a forum discussion, someone could fix it there :)
  2. Blackleaf0420
    Version: 1.015
    Seems to be completely broken sense the last 2 updates, really miss this car made the covet like a new car again for me. Hope we get a fix
  3. 94xlt
    Version: 1.015
    pretty good, but i have to remove the rear suspension in order for the gas tank/something in the suspension to just like *die*
  4. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 1.015
    it could be better...
    whait for update with the new version before i uninstall it
  5. ItsJustCurtis
    Version: 1.015
    Shape is great, you've already noted that you have some JBEAM issues. Bugs I've noted as follows:
    Position of Exhaust and Rear licence plate is incorrect.
    Rear Panel is linked to some nodes that can cause conflict with mods, unsure if this is fixable.
    Node strength or position on roof spoiler is incorrect, causing instability.
    Centre Brake light has a glow map despite there being no visible lamp, either get rid of the glow map or add a CHMSL to the trunk lid.
    C-pillar seems awfully thin, not really a problem, but IRL that would be a lot thicker, reducing the size of the rear side windows.

    Sort those issues and its easily a 5 star mod
    1. sjbphoto
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and the feedback! Yeah I’m planning on eventually doing some parts that still need to be done, and some model and jbeam touch up work. I’m not sure when I’m going to be coming back to this tho, as I have my hands full atm with another project I’m working on.
  6. SmolBoyeBear
    Version: 1.015
    This is really good! I like the styling on it. Good job!
  7. potwor12
    Version: 1.015
    *NFSU music plays*
  8. Mr. Marbles
    Mr. Marbles
    Version: 1.015
    so far really cool. wanted something like this :D a gtz version with a small spoiler, a turbocharged engine with like 130 hp or similar and all wheel steering from the pessima would be awesome!
  9. Holographicaly
    Version: 1.015
    Cool mod, amazing idea, creative. there are a few things that could have been finished before being released but i get it, u made the most bad-ass thing ever and just wanted to show it off to the world, but sadly its not perfect, YET! So sadly i didn't give it a perfect rating. I can help you with textures if u need a hand, i will gladly help but i will be on a trip until the 28th, but i can still help you then!
    Version: 1.015
    the front looks like mk1 mondeo - 5 stars
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