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Outdated (Covet) More Engines 1.31

The Covet with more than 10 realistic engines


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  1. (1.3 - 1.31) Changelog

    - Added naturalWear variable, it makes the engine wears out so if you're driving for a loooog moment, the engine can break.
    - Obviously, the overrev damage was broken, so now it's fixed!
    - Added 2 diesel (TUD5, XUD9 B) and 2 gasoline engines(VW 1.2l R3 EA111, VW 1.4l R4 APQ) and with it, 5 variants.
    - Yes, the EA111 is a 3 cylinder engine. (maybe sound will be coming for this engine (from a Volkswagen Polo IV restylée))
    - Improved the new...
  2. (1.23) New update

    New update!

    - Improved the ST4 IO4
    - The chip tuning of the ST4 IO4 can now be combined with the turbochargers
    - Added 8-Speed DCT transmission
    - Added 6-Speed Automatic transmission
    - Improved the Over Rev damage for the engines
    - Improved steering
    - Added reinforcement kits, enjoy 200kW shot with a 370hp diesel :)
    - Improved Power Steering
    The DCT transmission is only compatible with the B72 86E and the ST4 IO4.
    It will come later, as well as new engines(diesels and...
  3. (1.22) Bugs fix and new things

    - Added displacements of the engines in-game
    - Improved drivetrain
    - RWD are less dangerous now
    - Added the ST4 IO4 (inspired of the TU5 JP4 of PSA)
    - Fixed the automatic transmission
    - Reduced the chance of having a piston ring failure(was alot)
  4. (1.21) Quick hotfix

    Just a little hotfix that I had to do rapidly because of that :

    - Fixed a bug where the engine blows up when you turn off the ignition,
    - Added a very, very, very little chance to have a piston ring failure
  5. Another Update

    The engines can now runaway if you blow the piston rings or you put the car upside down (only for the diesel of my mod now).
    This is still in beta though. Improvements will come.
    It can break if there is others mod that modify the game core, so I'll put a version without the modifications.
    Anyway, what's changed in this version :

    - Engines can now runaway (only for this mod now) by breaking the piston rings or put the car upside down
  6. Major update

    - Added RWD and AWD transmissions (needs improvements)
    - Added a gasoline engine (B72 86E) because it's so cool with the new rev limiter system!
    - Improved torque curves of engines
    - Improved efficiency of turbos
    - Added Power Steering (for wheel users)
    - Reduced rev limiters of some engines
    - Added NOS compatibility (lol)
    - Added Custom Gauges

    There are some hidden things in the parts menus (like derestricted turbo for the K9l 720 or NOS)
  7. New things added

    - Added new engines
    - Changed the names of the engines
    - Added one variant
    - Improved torque curves
    - Reduced the amount of smoke
  8. New Update!

    Sorry for the long delay, I was very busy.
    I was planning for this update a new tachometer but it was harder than I thought so it will take longer than expected.
    If you want to help and add new things, you can.

    - Added Variable boost turbocharger,
    - Reduced power of Stage 1 & 2 turbos,
  9. Others improvements

    - Improved torque curves
  10. Improvements

    - The mod is no longer a separate mod.
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