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Beta Custom Off-Road Tires 1.9

Now with Snow Chains!

  1. Fixed Show off wheels, tire pressure

    -Fixed textures of the show off wheels
    -Fixed the front and rear tire pressure
  2. Forgot to add the bigger sand drifter

    Bigger sand drifter (39x10R17)
    looks good on the prerunner
    Also there’s chains available for all of my tires if you open the parts menu and go into the tire tab. They actually change how the tire feel but I got to change a bit the variable to make it the most realistic possible.
    BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-0419_53_19.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_02_34.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_09_54.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_13_54.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_14_38.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_18_39.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_19_56.png
  3. New wheel friction fix , giant tires and new show truck wheel

    New wheel friction fix overhaul, giant tires and new show truck wheels (with RGB)

    ShowOff 19x11 Wheels

    77x21R19 Super Extreme Swamper Tires for the ShowOff 19x11 Wheels

    Big thanks to @ticker126 for donating me, I really do appreciate it :)
  4. New Tires!!!

    New Tire!!!!

    A New cleaner way for the size of each tires, thanks to Straubz with his wonderful help.

    -Bicycle wheel(its a 5 lug)
    -43x15R17 Krawler and 36x11R17 Krawler (Will change name in later update)
    -33x10R17 Masterbuilt IceBreaker (Replaces the ugly icebreaker)
  5. New tires, who would've expect that

    I don't really remember every thing that I did cause I was away for a week but I know I tweaked some tires and added a tire with nails in it. I will do some different version of ice tires :)

    change the 15x7 and 15x6 tires name for "Off Road NDT"

    I think thats it :)
  6. New tires!!

    New tires, fixed the giggling tire and tires are available with all 15x9 (Stx).
    Now each tires are better at doing things ex: the superswamper extreme has a lot of grip and goes very fast in mud.

    All of the tires are available on every 17x9 wheels

    • Masterbuilt Racer MXT 19"
    • Masterbuilt Racer MXT 21"
    • Off Road Bias Ply (15x6 and 15x7) NDT
    20180617220415_1.jpg ...
  7. All of the tires are possible with the "normal cars"

    and fixed the giggling tire.

    New update coming soon :)
  8. Brand

    Changed name brands
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