Beta D-Series Independent Rear suspensions 4.0

Multiple different independent suspension sets for the D-Series

  1. Lucas Mess
    For standard height, low, and mid lift use frame labeled Race. Currently only available in standard frame length/ config. Will be updating with the rest of the frame options.

    The Highboy suspension is a high travel full independent front and rear suspension set. they are available on all frame options.

    Credit due to-
    @Divepunk for hosting the forum and always giving useful feedback that got me on my feet
    @atv_123 for helping with code
    @Spython for help with code
    @Xupaun and @ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet for help with packing the files and good feedback.

    Enjoy and feel free to post suggestions for changes or improvements. Screenshot18.png Screenshot17.png

    [Coming update includes:
    "Rear Independent" - all frames for D-Series and Roamer (renamed frames for ID ease), on command air ride, Highboy front half shafts no longer appear with other IFS.
    "Highboy Independent" - rear end squat while braking fixed, adjusted angle of coilovers for better performance and visual, adjusted max height so no more angular lock up.]

    All wheel steering anyone?


    1. Screenshot14.png
    2. Screenshot15.png
    3. Screenshot16.png
    4. Screenshot17.png
    5. Screenshot19.png
    6. Screenshot21.png
    7. Screenshot22.png

Recent Reviews

  1. skrrts
    Version: 4.0
    Finally we can slam the d series, amazing mod!
  2. Darkness_RedMoon
    Version: 4.0
    It's alright but i don't like how the half shafts stick out on the front end of the truck when i use this mod but its good for what it is..
    1. Lucas Mess
      Author's Response
      Can you further explain the half shaft issue so I can fix it?
  3. Divepunk
    Version: 4.0
    Hey Hey, I'm glad to see you finally made it to Repo with this SOB. I'm glad I inspired you to get it going and work on it improving it all the way to this point.

    I'm only a bit saddened that I didn't get the chance to write the first review on 'er. Though whatever that's just how she goes sometimes.

    Honestly was surprised no one had even attempted anything like this, and the fact that it took two forums before someone replied to me with I can take a crack at it or some such lol. Yet surprised just as well oddly enough that anyone actually did bother with this idea. I mighta' been starting to think it was only interesting to me but kept my determination.

    You actually kinda showed me that on these forums despite the nay-sayers perseverance pays off, or as they say "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." As a result of keeping on with the IRS for Roamer H, and D-series forums. . . now we got this on Repo!

    I still remember how it was some months back when you took up on making it posting updates to test out on the forum. Also just the sheer ambition of this mod that's not ever been attempted before(not that I've ever found).

    There are some issues yeah mostly minor, though one major.:
    1. The wrong text in places like the 'Highboy Independent' rear says "8-Lug Rear Wheel Hubs" where you select from all the different bolt patterns for rims.
    2. The Highboy IRS becomes quite stiff when max ride height but very low spring rate fixes that decently.
    3. The Highboy IFS has no selectable adjustable parts.
    ^^^ Those are minor. ^^^
    4. Then there is the major issue of every time I hit the handbrake the Highboy IRS collapses forcefully then springs back. Amusing yeah, though... boy, dat ain't right.

    Anyway enough ramblings. I'll do some more testing(as before lol), and if there becomes a discussion page I'll post findings of any issues that exist, and what works well and such there.

    Also nice suspension modeling BTW!
    4/5( it's one of a kind, but still gots some kinks)!!
    1. Lucas Mess
      Author's Response
      Great thanks for supporting the idea and always giving me usable feed back to make this mod better.

      The squatting during braking is definitely on my radar, I intend to spend some time remodeling the code for the highboy since honestly I haven't changed it since I last posted it on the forum and I have learned much since then.

      P.s. credits will be listed in the overview on the update. I didn't forget about you guys.
  4. R3KT M8
    R3KT M8
    Version: 4.0
    This is REAL NICE MOD! it improves stability&ride&handling on high-speed drivings. Do you have any plans for this nice suspension for Gavril Roamer?
    1. Lucas Mess
      Author's Response
      Yes, the roamer frame is coming in the next update.
  5. Billyboi173
    Version: 4.0
    this is really quite neat, the independant rear is not the greatest for axel articulation, but in mud without the massive diff pumpkin in this the back this goe s really well!
    1. Lucas Mess
      Author's Response
      Lower your spring strength and raise the ride height. It will allow you much more articulation.
  6. One Big Liger
    One Big Liger
    Version: 4.0
    un like every one saying fix mod and expecting you to know the issue id like to say good mod but it has a few things like the hi boi when the lifter sliders are maxed it becomes extremely stiff and I'm not sure why even if i lower the other sliders it stays extremely stiff and i cant get drive to the front wheels ill admit i haven't played around with it a tone but i did the basics to fix it and still cant get it to work so i was wondering if i was doing somthing wrong and yes im using the race frame and maybe you could add extended versions of the frame thx
    1. Lucas Mess
      Author's Response
      Yes, I am working on getting the rest of the frames done before I update the mod. I am planning adjustments to the code file for the highboy sets so they can't overextend. (Note, the highboy sets do not match up with the race frame. They can be used on any stock frame. Only the independent and lifted independent need the race frame.)
  7. JimTheGamer Guuy
    JimTheGamer Guuy
    Version: 4.0
    Your are good at this!
  8. rnd2k
    Version: 4.0
    Fantastic !
  9. Asusvivogamer
    Version: 4.0
    I would also like to see the magnetic suspension.
    but still, great mod
    1. Lucas Mess
      Author's Response
      I am not familiar with magnetic suspension. Is there an example you could provide for me?
  10. スーパーサウンドBON JOVI
    スーパーサウンドBON JOVI
    Version: 4.0
    Need this for the Roamer!
    1. Lucas Mess
      Author's Response
      Working on getting the rest of the frames done. The highboy suspension does work on the roamer.
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