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Outdated D15 Technical v0.9a

Working Machine Gun and Recoilless Rifle for the Gavril D15

  1. Stoat Muldoon
    Introducing the Gavril D15 Technical, BeamNG's first working Machine Gun
    By @Stoat Muldoon (jbeam/mesh) and @Diamondback (Lua/controller)
    with thanks to:
    @crashmaster for showing me how to have custom sounds (and @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL for helping him with that)
    @Inertia for fixing the D15 skins
    @Nadeox1 for also helping fix the D15 skins
    and @Dummiesman For helping me code the original lua when I got stuck (Diamondback has since fixed my hash job :D)
    Have you ever looked at your Gavril D15 and just thinking, "You know what? This just isn't good enough at fighting off insurgents in the deserts of Grooved Range, and is just plain useless for hog hunting over on East Coast USA. I need to do something about this"?
    Well get ready to eviscerate your porky foes with a hail of 200 .50 caliber bullets from the beautiful piece of hardware now bolted to the back of your faithful pickup. This belt fed, short recoil operated heavy machine gun has earned the name "Ma-Deuce" because it's designation is M2. Creative, I know.
    But nevertheless, now you have one and it's roaring to tear up your neighbors Ibishu Pessima after his dog did it's business on your lawn one time too many. Who taught dogs to run companies anyway?

    Whether you're chasing a fleeing door salesman in his Ibishu Pidgeon or shooting down a light aircraft that trespassed into your house's airspace, the D15 Technical is the right tool for the job. Hell, it's not even that bad at taking the kids to school. What do you mean you've called the police? This is a free country!

    And if you think that's it then you'd be wrong bucko, as an optional item for the D15 Technical is a 100mm recoilless rifle, a genius creation that can fire a high caliber shell with next to no recoil by venting gas out of the rear end, much like my brother after a particularly hot curry. Was peppering that double parked Barstow with half inch holes not enough? Well, now you can blow it in half. That Covet just cut you off? It's surprise engine removal time, bub. The owner of that T-75 has unconventional opinions on who should have won world war two? Goodbye cab, it was nice knowing you. You want explosive shells? Too bad, theres a trade embargo on those. I know right? What has the world come to.

    Choking hazard, small parts. Keep out of reach of children ages 5 and under. Do not recycle. If swallowed, seek medical help immediately.

    Important Information
    - Mouse: Aim gun left/right, up/down
    - Middle mouse button: Fire


    - Working Machine Gun and Recoilless Rifle
    - 200 nodes act as bullets
    - Animated barrel, charging handle, and ammo belt
    - Custom sounds
    - Mesh is alright, I guess
    - Ruins the handling of the D15
    - Recoilless Rifle fires multi node projectiles that make big holes in stuff
    At the moment it does not support keyboard bindings, but that will be added in the future. They are a little bit of a pain to use because the refnodes are in the vehicle not the gun, so the camera follows the truck and not the gun. The gun can also only traverse about 80 degrees to the front of the vehicle. I may do a reversed one in the future.
    It may not work very well at low framerates due to the way the controller currently works.
    Occasional, a tracer might not disappear when it hits something. I have no idea why. Not really a big deal though, I guess

    Inter-vehicle collision must be on if you want to shoot other cars

    The Recoilless rifle may cause physics instabilities and flexbody spikes if you shoot the wrong thing. It's shells can tumble slightly if fired while swinging the gun. It can be found in the parts config menu. It has 6 shots. They can sometimes come out if you crash, it's a bit annoying. It's possible in some cases to shoot the roof off the Technical, I did move the gun upward a bit to combat this but don't hold me to that.

    Sounds are edited from files found on www.freespecialeffects.co.uk.

    If you have any issues with this mod or find any bugs, please let me know.
    Last of all, have fun shooting stuff! :D

    This mod is a work in progress, and will change in the future. Feel free to make your own mods out of this, and release them if you like as long as you credit me and Diamondback, but bare in mind the controller may change significantly in the future, so plan accordingly. :)


    1. screenshot_00091.png
    2. screenshot_00092.png
    3. screenshot_00093.png
    4. screenshot_00096.png
    5. screenshot_00097.png
    6. screenshot_00098.png

Recent Updates

  1. D15 Technical

Recent Reviews

  1. Permyack
    Version: v0.9a
    Damage does not work correctly. Bullets and missiles (or what?) Seem to pass through vehicles ignoring a substantial part of the model.
  2. LookingForMods
    Version: v0.9a
    I love this! But,if i shoot too much it stops,and I can't shoot anymore,why?
  3. Cartecay_Modding
    Version: v0.9a
    Really fun lol!
  4. Papa_Stalin
    Version: v0.9a
    Little hard to control, otherwise fantastic.
  5. chkn85
    Version: v0.9a
  6. Saftigegurke
    Version: v0.9a
    The mod is very coll but I found a bug when you press CTRL/STRG = CRASH thats not nice :(
  7. not_herobrine
    Version: v0.9a
    totally awesome!!
    however somebody has to fix the "toggle gun mouse control"!
  8. Saturn510Shark
    Version: v0.9a
    It is really fun to shoot cars with it but after respawning it so many times, the truck will no longer move, only the gun.
  9. sainther
    Version: v0.9a
    Love it, it's the best mod I've ever used but is there a way to stop the MG from moving with the mouse
  10. noobslayer1223
    Version: v0.9a
    LOVE IT!! 1 question, is there a way to reload, if so tell me how, if not, make it so u can
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