Unsupported Daniel398767's Custom Bolide 1.12.5

This mod adds a selection of parts to the Civetta Bolide

  1. daniel398767
    *Nearing Completion*
    SOME PARTS ARE UNDER CHASSIS WITH ADDONS. See slot for chassis, and select chassis with addons

    See Link below for updates on progress and image dumps


    Thanks to: Beamng Team
    @SixSixSevenSeven: big thanks to him for reworking the turbo engine
    @Dudeman for Helping with jbeam
    @gabester (Original Model)
    @D-Troxx for explaining blender
    @direct_UA for fixing up the t-top and convertible, and other parts,making skins,support.
    @SuperNoob05 For support and beta testing
    @Bernd For showing me cool stuff with blender(and the saloon help)

    Complete Parts:
    Cut Tailcone
    Moonhawk Engines(wip)
    3.5litre Twin Turbo V8(Very Wip, turbo not showing in game though)
    3.9 Twin Turbo Race V8(Very Wip, same as above for turbo)
    Selectable parts(dashboard,shifter)
    Boost Guage
    Reworked Exhaust for cut tailcone
    Longpipe Exhaust
    Side exit Exhaust
    Lamborghini Murcielago Style Exhaust
    Moved Rear Diffuser for Murcielago Exhaust
    Custom Gtr Rear Spoiler
    Targa roof
    Big Air Intake Body
    Big Lock Steering
    T-top roof
    Fully Adjustable Slammed Coilovers
    Very High Performance Radiator
    Coloured Tailcone
    Glass Tailcone
    Side exhausts
    Drift Missile
    More Gauges
    Longpipe Side Exhausts
    Drift Missile
    Clockwise 533 Deep Dish
    Okudai Krw Deep Dish

    convertible.png slammed.png screenshot_00045.jpg screenshot_00041.jpg screenshot_00039.jpg screenshot_00035.jpg screenshot_00040.png
    screenshot_00045.jpg screenshot_00046.jpg screenshot_00048.jpg screenshot_00049.jpg screenshot_00066.jpg screenshot_00076.jpg screenshot_00068.jpg screenshot_00114.jpg screenshot_00093.jpg screenshot_00094.jpg screenshot_00095.jpg screenshot_00096.jpg screenshot_00107.jpg screenshot_00087.jpg screenshot_00088.jpg screenshot_00089.jpg screenshot_00091.jpg screenshot_00092.jpg screenshot_00098.jpg screenshot_00099.jpg screenshot_00100.jpg screenshot_00067.png screenshot_00065.png screenshot_00064.png screenshot_00205.jpg screenshot_00062.png screenshot_00204.jpg screenshot_00203.jpg screenshot_00202.jpg screenshot_00201.jpg screenshot_00200.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. lisiasty the fox
    lisiasty the fox
    Version: 1.12.5
  2. Vinh
    Version: 1.12.5
    one word: awesome
  3. MCsupercar
    Version: 1.12.2
    This is an amazing mod! The bowlide is my absolute favorite car, but it doesn't feel right and is low on options. However you have fixed this problem and now I love the bolide again!!! The abs and tcs is a great improvement. A few things you should do is try to gat the parts menu a little better, it needs better organization. Other than that it is an excellent mod and please try to keep it updated!!!
    1. daniel398767
      Author's Response
      i do try but devs always find something
  4. Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline
    Version: 1.12.2
    Awesome, but I feel the glass tailgate (the tailgates are called tailcones in the description of the mod, just fyi) should be called plastic, because it doesn't crack like glass, and I feel if it was clear, most period cars would use clear plastic instead of glass.
  5. sergiopt04
    Version: 1.11
    Just great, but could you add an automatic opening roof and more parts like a rollcage and derby kickers and straight-piped exhausts to make a sick bolide derby car...
    Hope you answer.
    1. daniel398767
      Author's Response
      there is or should be a roll cage under chassis with addons, i will look into the convertible roof open/closing
  6. ✪ braindawgZ
    ✪ braindawgZ
    Version: 1.06
    Great mod, looking forward to next update!
  7. xaxaxm28
    Version: 1.06
    The bolide needed attention, and now it has :D
    1. daniel398767
      Author's Response
      update coming soon
  8. JDM is my life
    JDM is my life
    Version: 1.06
  9. Holographicaly
    Version: 1.06
    i love it! rember the old d-series towtruck mod u should some how make one for this one XD and add the pinstripes paintjob to it like the moon hawk!
  10. simonfrat123
    Version: 1.06
    I love the way this mod is going 5 stars but can you fix this small bug the dash is a bit glitchy on the convertibale version otherwise great mod
    1. daniel398767
      Author's Response
      hi, if you could send me a picture of where the dash is glitchy, i might be able to fix it thanks
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