Unsupported Daniel398767's Custom Bolide 1.12.5

This mod adds a selection of parts to the Civetta Bolide

  1. fixes

    fixed some parts and others
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  2. Fixes

    This update fixes up the zipped folder
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  3. bugfix

    Fixes the manual shifter being missing by removing it until a fix
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  4. More Features,and stuff

    modifie.png drift (2).png
    In this update i have added.
    New Exhausts
    More Pc Files
    A New Spoiler
    Custom Tailgates
    2 Custom Wheels
    A New Remapped Engine
    The New GT3 Spoiler Has A Skin Issue, I am working on a fix
    The Shifter in chassis with addons is duplicated, i am also working on a fix
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  5. More Updates

    In this update i have added,2 more headlights(red and clear(supposed to be xenon)), Coupe GTWING, more PC files,rally,custom skins, fixed the shifter in chassis with addons(replaced it with the moonhawks shifter) added a rollcage, retextured an exhaust(it is supposed to look like that for the style i want).
    Special Thanks to @direct_UA for skins and fixing the rollcage.
  6. Removed Broken Skins

    This update removes the broken skins
    and the cars have been pictured again
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  7. Bug fixes

    Fixed a bug with the shifter moving around
    added moonhawk v8 engine(wip)
    added triple X2 exhaust
    other bug fixes
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  8. Clean up

    This update cleans up the zipped folder
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