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Dansworth D2500 (Type-D) Rear Engine Bus 7

Type-D version of the school bus with flat nose and rear engine based heavily on the t-series semi

  1. Major Update to Version 2

    Version 2.0

    • added 3 new configurations (Stripped, Stock, Tuned, Silver Bullet)
    • added tow Hitch
    • added license plate
    • added new bus monitor which shows broken lights
    • added skin system
    • added "Fun To Drive!" engine version
    • added opening Rear Engine Door
    • added additional wheels
    • fixed front headlights breaking on spawn
    • fixed engine sounds
    • fixed bumpers too weak
    • updated mirror jbeams
    • fixed middle right windows not breaking
    • fixed engine (realistic engine)
    • updated anti-roll bars
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