Deadzone [Trains already on tracks] 1.5.0

The most diverse BeamNG map

  1. Thijs Hof
    Press [TAB] to switch between cars and trains!
    Get the train mod here:


    If you like the map please consider doing a small donation, it really helps me to stay motivated to continue my work on BeamNG mods.


    This BeamNG map contains a wide variety of roads, stunts and crash tests. Drive along the beach on a road surounded by palm trees, visit the village, take your race car to the track or do an awesome wallride in the mountain!

    Deadzone is one of few maps to have working train tracks, the map will come with trains prepositioned on the main and test track. You won't have to spend time to align your train perfectly on the track, it has already been done for you!

    Get the train mod here:

    • Village
    • Asphalt Roads
    • Dirt Roads
    • 9 km straight road
    • Giant dynamic suspension bridge
    • Train tracks
    • Bridges
    • Wallrides
    • Stunt jumps
    • Tunnel
    • Airstrip
    • Swamp
    • Snow
    • Rivers and sea
    • Working street lights
    • Offroad track
    To do:
    • Make ai drive correctly over bridges.
    • Whatever you want, submit in the comments!

    screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png screenshot_00002.png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png screenshot_00002.png screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00005.png screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00009.png screenshot_00011.png screenshot_00012.png screenshot_00013.png screenshot_00014.png screenshot_00015.png screenshot_00016.png screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00020.png screenshot_00023.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00025.png screenshot_00026.png screenshot_00015.png screenshot_00016.png screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00018.png

Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility update
  2. Trains!
  3. 0.11 Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. n.kelly3613
    Version: 1.5.0
    I have previously played and rated this map and I wasn't too happy. After some time I am glad to say that the author acknowledges the reviews and has fixed the shading issues, trees and the trains and also features the map without trains. This means it is now possible to use this map if you still have issues with the trains or if your computer is not capable of running this map with three trains on it. I only found one issue remaining. If you load into the map with trains and try to remove any of them; the game will crash. But otherwise a fun map that has had lots of time put into it. Would recommend!
  2. terhorst
    Version: 1.5.0
    Awesome! Having much fun with this map
  3. n.kelly3613
    Version: 1.4.3
    Shaders and trees aren't working right, trains crash the game if I try diving them, moving them or removing them. If i spawn my own train it works. Also two game crashing trains is too resource intensive.
  4. mrMIke360 Roblox
    mrMIke360 Roblox
    Version: 1.4.3
    now i know where it is
  5. Citadel
    Version: 1.4.3
    It's a map with potential but it appears to no longer work properly in new game updates. Shaders are messed up, train spawns off track, and sometimes the trains just don't respond. Some trains spawn at the end of the rail. It definitely needs some fixing up before I can give it a better review. Better off trying to spawn the trains in Roane County map. That said, I hope to see an update on this where I can update this review.
  6. rickanderson75
    Version: 1.4.3
    I deleted this map cuz it was glitching and laggy. But I am redownloading it because I found out this has train tracks and I have a train. GOOD JOB!
  7. Lucaas
    Version: 1.4.3
    It works for me... Sometimes. I don't think it's your fault, I just think BeamNG is purposely being annoying and not working to mess with us. But for those times it DOES wanna do what its supposed to, I love it. So much to explore. Keep up your great work.

    P.S. we should ground BeamNG. Sacrifice it to the hive.
  8. Xandrixx
    Version: 1.4.3
    The Trains doesn't spawn by me either, but i have a "ghost" vehicle. I can't control anything on it. It has no Body and i Cant move it etc.
    1. Thijs Hof
      Author's Response
  9. Matt Cook
    Matt Cook
    Version: 1.4.3
    A good map.
  10. Slimeboy2015
    Version: 1.4.3
    it is a ok map but nothing links together and some train tracks just end. and the trails do not spawn on the track. (and yes i have downloaded the train mod this map needs)
    1. Thijs Hof
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback, I am looking into why trains are not spawning for some/all people. The map has two tracks, one of them is a test track with a jump on one side and a blocker on the other side, this is for those who want to crush cars or jump with their trains.
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