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Declasse-SKY Stallion GT 1.0

San Andreas' classic muscle car reimagined

  1. skyeyemx
    2013 Declasse-SKY Stallion
    GT 500
    American muscle.

    Have you ever wanted a car that actively seeks out crowds? A car which spins out at any change of the steering input? A dangerously bad-handling car at a dangerously affordable cost?

    Well that means you're looking for a muscle car.

    And why have any old muscle car, when you can have a Declasse Stallion?


    The 2013 Declasse-SKY Stallion GT is faster than the original, more agile than the original, has more snap oversteer than the original, and is slightly safer than the original. Emphasis on "slightly".


    1. HighresScreenshot00012.png
    2. HighresScreenshot00014.png
    3. HighresScreenshot00015.png
    4. HighresScreenshot00016.png
    5. HighresScreenshot00017.png
    6. HighresScreenshot00018.png
    7. HighresScreenshot00019.png
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