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Unsupported Destroy The Barstow 2.2

Using your Roamer, demolish the Barstow.

  1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    Destroy The Barstow
    Destroy The Barstow is a spin off of the scenario "Destroy the Moonhawk." This one takes place on the same map, but puts you into a Roamer, and you chase after a Barstow. Its a little more challenging, but it is still fun, and enjoyable.

    Wreck the Barstow, by hitting it, pushing it into trees, etc.

    East Coast, USA

    Roamer (Player's Car)
    Barstow (Opponent)
    Use the Install button or drag the zip folder into your BeamNG Drive mods folder: documents/BeamNG.drive/mods

    To Play:
    Go into the scenario menu, find the scenario labeled "Destroy The Barstow" and play!

    Do NOT write a review that mentions any bugs or glitches as the main topic. Any bug, or glitches, please put them in the Discussion tab, or PM me.

Recent Updates

  1. Patch 2.1
  2. Patch 2.2
  3. Update 2.0

Recent Reviews

  1. LeireX
    Version: 2.0 (
    Ran right into it's rear, we both flew into the trees and he caught on fire.
    5/7 amused me
  2. Darthbob555
    Version: 2.0 (
    Love it! In all honesty, I prefer it to the 'Destroy the Moonhawk' scenario. Better location, better vehicles, nice work!
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