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Destruction of cars (medium) 1.1

Destruction of cars (middle)

    This is the second map from the "Destruction of cars" series. It is much more than the first and has more trials. I worked on the bugs and gained knowledge, and I am ready to present this map. The name shows that this map has an average size. It has 3 levels and 10 tests. Of which 6 descents of different heights, 2 free falls on the spikes (also from different heights), 1 speed bumps (about 200 pieces) and an element of skill test. The skill test can be found at level 2, there will be a passage in the wall. The purpose of the test is to get to level 3 (height from second to third = 100 meters) along very thin and difficult paths. It is possible to pass, I passed. There is no possibility to reach between the levels by car (except from the second to the third) and therefore, to switch between them, we use a free camera (Schift + C) and F7 to spawn the car in the place where the camera is located.
    Any criticism and suggestions are welcome!


    1. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-45-53.png
    2. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-46-30.png
    3. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-46-40.png
    4. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-46-48.png
    5. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-46-56.png
    6. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-47-09.png
    7. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-47-22.png
    8. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-47-43.png
    9. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-49-59.png
    10. screenshot_2019-07-10_14-50-20.png

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  1. Destruction of cars (medium)1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. kruppn3708
    Version: 1.1
    spawning in a flat map
  2. whatcomsfinest
    Version: 1.0
    yo its spawns in a flat world, and i'm not clicking the "" link, get me some viruses while i'm at it.
    1. LEGUSHA
      Author's Response
      Now update is released and all problems must dissapear. If there are any problems. please tell me about them!
  3. OldSnake
    Version: 1.0
    flat map
    1. LEGUSHA
      Author's Response
      I know about this problem but beamng is not moderating my update. File that is working. placed under previuos review.
  4. Slahnya
    Version: 1.0
    Spawn on a flat map
    1. LEGUSHA
      Author's Response
  5. carsmin
    Version: 1.0
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