Deus Velox 4000 7.22.2018

Twin turbo race car for the street

  1. rexregum93

    The Velox is a street legal race car with a formula 1 type twin turbo 4.0 liter V8 that revs to almost 10,000 rpm.


    1300 bhp
    800 ft-lbs
    7 speed DCT
    0-60 mph/100 kph in 2.5 seconds
    225 mph top speed

    The car is equipped with ESC and is very controllable. The engine can be a bit sluggish until 5000 rpm due to turbo lag, so its best to keep the revs up.The only known issue is the rear suspension which seems to squat significantly under hard acceleration. The car will actually pull a small wheelie with a hard enough launch. The Velox was built entirely in Automation. For some reason the weight changes on the imported version, it registers as 2600 lbs in Automation and just under 3000 lbs in BeamNG.Drive, not sure if this is just me or not.


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Recent Reviews

  1. edbones_FTW
    Version: 7.22.2018
    i like it tbh
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