Beta DFA Pack 1.0

D-Series expansion pack (READ DESC)

  1. iRetr0x
    The long awaited mod, finaly here. The mod is currently far from perfect, has a lot of bugs, i still have to add a ton of configs and existing configs are unfinished and outdated, overall mod is just unfinished and still needs work in a lot of areas but it is at a point where it's useable and functional and can be fun. I'll be posting updates both for bug fixes and content (Refer to bottom of page). please do not bug report in the reviews (Unless it's a texture issue because I have none on my end), I am aware of 90% of the bugs and there's no need to rate one star just because of your problem.
    I'll cut the bs tho and get to what this adds.

    The aero is a d-series model produced between 1992 and 1996, best known for it's RoadSport config.
    Screenshot2394.png Screenshot2283.png Screenshot2284.png Screenshot2152.png

    Parts include:
    Aero front end parts (fascia, valance)
    Aero tailgate
    Aero wheels (17x8 Gavril Radials - 5-Lug)
    Aero front and rear bumpers
    Remember, use aero valance and regular fenders to prevent gaps.

    The Pre-Aero is the Aero predecessor, produced from 1988-1992, these are quite rare and never got much attention for whatever reason.
    Screenshot2463.png Screenshot2469.png Screenshot2507.png

    Parts include:
    Pre-Aero front end parts (fascia, valance)
    Pre-Aero hood and fenders
    Pre-Aero mirrors
    Pre-Aero Front bumper

    It also shares some parts from the both the aero itself and earlier d-series (such as the rear ext cab doors and rear bumper)
    there are no configs for this atm so you have to build it yourself

    The 400 is another D-Series model produced from 1988-1998, these were a big hit and gained gavril a lot of attention and you still see a ton of them on the road today. also well known for it's 423 Sport config.
    Screenshot2362.png Screenshot2358.png Screenshot2361.png

    Parts include:
    400 fascia and valance
    uhh that's it i think lmao

    this also has no configs atm so you gotta build it yourself but it fits with any existing regular d-series.

    The cat is the most popular D-Series model of all time, produced from 2004-2006. used a lot by mexicans and also well known for it's bullet proof D25 Work truck. Very many of these are still used everyday, they make great work trucks and they can be highly modified.
    Screenshot2342.png Screenshot2344.png Screenshot2365.png Screenshot2390.png

    Parts include:
    Cat fascia, very customizable and has a ton of variants
    Cat Taillights
    It uses mostly late parts (bumpers, etc)

    There are a few configs on this but none are really updated so build as you want.

    Accessories/Other Parts
    -Steel Rear bumper
    -Body colored front and rear off-road bumpers
    -2 headache racks (bed accessory)
    -4x4 and roadsport decal (left and right bed accessory)
    -17x9 Alder Rebels
    -Tuned 4-Speed Auto Tranmission
    -Early rear ext cab doors (split window)
    -Bull grille insert for early fascia
    -800/Cat Stuff on roamer
    -Chief Rancher running boards (Ext cab only, it's a bit iffy rn and mostly just for looks)
    -Toolbox mod merge, ability to have toolbox and other bed accessories at the same time
    -Roof visor with lights and a proper uv map
    -Modern Heavy duty mirrors
    -Body colored front bumper cladding
    -WIP prerunner light bar port to regular d-series
    -A lot of other stuff i forgot, just check it out yourself.

    -my entire discord server literally - too much to list here
    -ISX_15 and Devine/Slo - 85% of the models in this mod
    -AR16B - visor model
    -JsZ - putting 800 front end on the roamer
    -Me - a huge majority of this mod obviously
    -Crash - Mod showcase video
    -Dart - visor jbeam
    -I know i'm forgetting a lot of people but if you helped on this, please let me know in reviews and i will add you to this list

    Showcase video:

    Again this mod is not perfect and this is very early access, i'm releasing it in it's current state to one take a break from it because it's getting stressful asf and two so that the community can have something extra to play around with and three so that I don't feel so bad posting pics of it knowing a lot of people want it and can't get it. I will make updates and fix this mod but I'm pretty busy irl and I'm very slow in general so it might be a while, please be patient and don't be annoying. There's a lot of stuff in the mod that I didn't list because I forgot a lot of stuff but just go through it and have fun. Huge thanks to everyone who helped out on this project, you all know who you are.

Recent Reviews

  1. starblockset
    Version: 1.0
    very shrexy 10/10
  2. HerbieVW953
    Version: 1.0
    one of the best types of mods for beam are facelifts and boy these are some nice facelifts
  3. j-beam infrastructure
    j-beam infrastructure
    Version: 1.0
    F - 1 5 0
  4. poopaloompa
    Version: 1.0
    Absolutely Love this mod, I've been wanting a Cateye Duramax, and some good ol GM 90's front ends with the new tow mirrors. But if you could, could you add the Ford 1999-2007 Front Fascia to this mod with their Ford Tow Mirrors?

    That would honestly be so sick!
  5. renePRO
    Version: 1.0
    Great quality! Thanks.
  6. PowerstrokeHD
  7. TopKick
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome mod! I can finally recreate my 91 Bronco and have a proper looking front end. It'd be cool if you added a chrome trim version of the pre-aero headlights to complete the look
  8. Opteryx
    Version: 1.0
    This mod is extremely good. I have only found 2 bugs: 1. Headache rack lights hover above the rack. 2. Pre-Aero left headlight signal lights up with the right one.
  9. SKB
    Version: 1.0
    Yes. Just Yes
  10. Braskus
    Version: 1.0
    Hell yeah, Been waiting for this for a while. The only issues it had is being a bit unclear which parts go with which. And the fact the lights don't sit on the headache rack and are hovering. Second one if the only one that really needs fixing.
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