Beta DH Super Gnat 0.999

The first, and the worst! Full mechanical swash plate helicopter

  1. Darren9

    IMPORTANT - Can be flown with keyboard and mouse but it's very difficult, you'll need to set up the controls yourself, here's an example that flies with the mouse and arrow keys.


    • Increase throttle to max (H) and wait for max rpm
    • Slowly increase the collective to achieve a hover
    • Adjust the cyclic and collective in combination to change speed/direction.
    • Helicopters are quite challenging, real physics isn't a good way to learn them :)

    Before you start you'll need to assign the four main analogue controls to your joystick (pitch, roll, collective, tail rotor), a map for the wired Xbox for Windows controller is included. It's not recommended to adjust the throttle during flight, leave it at max.

    Pay attention to the rpm gauge, don't over-rev the engine (generally flaring to slow down or pulling out of a dive will cause some over-rpm). Rotor failure may occur when manoeuvring above 130 mph. Fuel warning light comes on at 1/10th of starting fuel remaining. Check engine light monitors oil and water - it should never be ignored.

    The Fun and Realistic configs have negative blade pitch at zero collective and a powerful turbo engine, enough to be in a slow climb when upside-down. If you manage to be upside-down and still in control of the realistic version you will damage the engine after a short time.

    Darren9 - Jbeam, Models, .lua
    Stoat Muldoon - .lua, missile concept, testing and feeback
    Dummiesman - .lua and other pro-tips
    cgjunk - Testing, feedback and flight dynamics
    B25Mitch - Original dummy
    Metalmuncher - Centrifugal clutch

Recent Reviews

  1. CarlosAir
    Version: 0.999
    I love it :) I can't believe I hand't tried it yet.
    I love the attention to detail. And I love that mechanically accurate swashplate. I'm sure it hasn't been easy :P
  2. SHADE575
    Version: 0.999
    Best plane/aircraft mod for Beamng in my opinion. Great work!
  3. Boghy
    Version: 0.99
  4. fufsgfen
    Version: 0.99
    This is most fun I have had in BeamNG, thank you!

    After figuring out how to set up my controls so that they are usable, it took only two attempts to actually get to flying, it is hard, but so rewarding. Just take it easy, don't rush it, feel the machine and just fly :)
  5. Querion
    Version: 0.99
    Great vehicle! The thumbnail for the "Realistic" config is very accurate.
  6. jman4669
    Version: 0.99
    1. Darren9
      Author's Response
      That was quite amusing to watch, thanks.
  7. ShotgunCreeper
    Version: 0.99
    Takes off but the rpm slowly decreases and I crash.
  8. goreal
    Version: 0.99
    WOOOTWOOOT CONTROLS ARE EASY thanks dude or dudet its FUN
    destroy all them cars now ;3
  9. RBDaBeast
    Version: 0.99
    The rockets are so destructive! I saw GrayStillPlay's video with this, and BOOOOM!
  10. StinchinStein
    Version: 0.99
    This helicopter is very fun... Takes a lot of work to fly it! Great work Darren9!
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