Beta DH Super Gnat 0.999

The first, and the worst! Full mechanical swash plate helicopter

  1. Fixed sudden overheating

    Quick fix for sudden overheating in game version 0.12. You'll still need to be careful when lugging the missiles around.
  2. Unguided Missiles and Centrifugal Clutch

    • Replaced gearbox with centrifugal clutch
    • Added tail fin
    • Added missiles
    Thanks to Metalmuncher there's no gearbox any more, just increase throttle to max (press H) and wait for the rotor to spin up.

    The weapon system must be armed to fire (sight folds down). For the Xbox for Windows controller the default buttons are X - arm weapons, A - fire missile. If you're not using that controller you'll need to assign the "Arm Weapons" and "Fire" to your...
  3. Realism Improvements and Adjustments

    • Major improvement to rotor dynamics (thanks Cgjunk)
    • Added turbo option to engine (over-powered)
    • Added UI app to show collective/rudder/throttle position
    • Added support for mouse & keyboard flight (still very difficult)

    Tail rotor (rudder) and collective can now be assigned to keys, default Xbox bindings have the rudder on the triggers and the collective on the...
  4. Quick fix for wrong dummy appearing

    A fix for the wrong dummy appearing in certain cases.
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