Beta Diesel Auto Burnside Taxi 1.0

Slow and smokey bullet proof diesel for the burnside

  1. Michaelflat
    It may feel like the transmission has 5 speeds, this is because the torque converter doesn't lock immediately, it locks based on throttle (just like the real LTi fairway!)

    With rising fuel costs, Gavril made an agreement to sell the burnside intaxi form with a diesel engine. The V8 Taxi was dead.

    The naturally aspirated engine with a whopping 78hp was the replacement, buses can outrun this. This was only offered with an automatic as the driver would need to keep shifting down gears at any incline.
    The automatic transmission however did have overdrive, and a locking torque converter. The automatic transmission feels faster than the manual, giving a smooth constant acceleration keeping the engine at full load.

    In developing countries, a turbocharger was fitted bringing new life to this engine. 120hp might not be much but the torque is usable, despite the laggy turbocharger at low revs... (no ECU in here!). A 5 speed manual is also offered to keep fuel economy at maximum.

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  1. mhegai
    Version: 1.0
    diesel? aww, man!
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