Beta Diesel Covet 1.1

Well... A cheap diesel version of the 1987-1991 Ibishu covet, sold in poor countries

  1. Lordlichi2006
    (update 1.1: somehow i made the textures work)
    So as I said, it is a cheap diesel version of the 1987-1991 Ibishu covet, sold in poor countries, it has a lot of cheap sporty variants and comes stock with a CVT transsmission for ease of use.
    (in the next versions i will try to add custom sounds)
    1.5l DOHC I4 Diesel Engine
    Diesel Fuel Tank

    Stock Diesel Ecu (only custom engine)
    Sport Diesel Ecu (only custom engine)
    Diesel intake (only custom engine)
    T30 Turbo (only custom engine)
    T40 Turbo (only custom engine)
    Diesel CVT (only custom engine)

    Sport Diesel CVT (only custom engine)
    Custom 3-Speed Automatic transmission (only custom engine)

    1.5 Diesel DXI (CVT)

    1.5 Diesel LXI (CVT)

    1.5 Diesel LXI (A)

    1.5 Diesel T30 ZXI (CVT)

    1.5 Diesel T40 ZXI (CVT)

    1.5 Diesel T30 ZXI (M)

    1.5 Diesel T40 ZXI (M)

    Im Spanish so there may be some mistakes.


    1. 15DieselT30zXICVT.jpg
    2. 15DieselT30zXIM.jpg
    3. 15DieselT40zXICVT.jpg
    4. 15DieselT40zXIM.jpg
    5. 15DieseldXICVT.jpg
    6. 15DieselLXIA.jpg
    7. 15DieselLXICVT.jpg
    8. icon.png

Recent Reviews

  1. busterchunks2
    Version: 1.1
    Great mod, Plus Props to you because you haven't made any mistakes, well done
    1. Lordlichi2006
  2. Jakux
    Version: 1.1
  3. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.0
    does it use the vivace i4 diesel sounds?
    1. Lordlichi2006
      Author's Response
      no, it uses stcok sounds, maybe the way the cvt is set up makes thing different
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