Beta Dirty 4x4 Offroad 1.5

Dirty 4x4 is based off one of my local trails call naches A fun muddy looped trail

  1. Offroading drive
    Dirty 4x4 is based off one of my local trails call nachese, A fun muddy looped trail
    This map includes
    -Dirt & Mud track with jumps and dips
    -Mud tracks
    -Hill climbs
    -Rock Sections

    This map is a trail map, So don't ask to make it easier or harder thank you.

    1.0 is out - 1.0 Brings deeper mud, and much more!
    1.2 is out - 1.1 Brings tons of fixes
    1.3 is out - 1.3 Fixes more water planes, and fixed 3d to 2d audio
    1.4 is out - 1.4 brings Easy trails, New island (Bigger update)
    1.5 is out - 1.5 brings more obstacles and more fixes and smoothing, and Deeperrr muddd!!!!

    Auto download: Just hit subscribe

    Manual download: Download Zip, than put in beam ng mods folder

    Thanks for 100k <3

    Thank you for some photos: i am spider pig

    Join Dirty 4x4 Discord community server!

    Thanks for the showcase David

    Many things have been added and fixed because of this video!


    1. dirty_4x4_preview.png
    2. upload_2021-11-10_14-18-43.png
    3. upload_2021-11-10_14-19-4.png
    4. upload_2021-11-10_14-19-22.png
    5. upload_2021-11-10_14-19-40.png
    6. upload_2021-11-10_14-35-59.png
    7. image_2021-11-12_092211.png
    8. image_2021-11-12_092449.png
    9. image_2021-11-13_084054.png
    10. image_2021-11-15_155030.png
    11. image_2021-11-15_155318.png
    12. image_2021-11-15_162806.png
    13. dirty_4x4_preview2.jpg
    14. image_2022-01-19_101659.png
    15. image_2022-02-28_074446.png
    16. image_2022-02-28_074452.png
    17. image_2022-02-28_074458.png
    18. image_2022-03-23_155800.png
    19. image_2022-03-23_155838.png

Recent Updates

  1. Dirty 4x4 Content update
  2. Big Update! Dirty 4x4
  3. Dirty 4x4 Bug Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Bombine33 (Ger)
    Bombine33 (Ger)
    Version: 1.5
    Ok Map. It does not look good visually and a lot of the obstacles dont look realistic, meaning a pile of dirt would not be able to be so steep,
    Additionally there are several floating trees in the map which are just super annoying. Beamng does not apply propper physics to most trees (they are just solid objects) so you can get high centered on a twig .
  2. locualo
    Version: 1.4
    great map
  3. Andryusha
    Version: 1.3
    Cant really drive for 10m+ unless you are in some super mega ultra giga offroad vehicle
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      34 Inch tires to the work, The difficulty curve could be to much for you
  4. DirtNastySidewayZ
    Version: 1.3
    deeper mud would make for a good change
  5. Ramund_Hin_Unge
    Version: 1.2
    This map should be renamed to "An EXTREME test of patience".
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      haha I LOVE IT
    Version: 1.0
    I think there's a spot or two (near the beginning) where there's water in a place that shouldn't. Leftovers from the old version, I presume. Other than that, loving the new update!
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      It was me messing around with new items, A fix will come out tomorrow, Thanks you!
  7. christopherlapierre02
    Version: 0.8
    can we have more deep mud
    1. Offroading drive
  8. mhegai
    Version: 0.7
    o'roa' track bein' 'Ery Noic' t'day
  9. dandimmadome
    Version: 0.7
    very fun map! and Naches, WA??
    1. Offroading drive
  10. supaunltd
    Version: 0.5
    Such a cool map! Just the right amount of difficulty for a modified stock truck. Also, isn't the original trail name Naches?
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      Ahh thank you, It is naches, It was late lol
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