Beta Dirty 4x4 Offroad 0.8

Dirty 4x4 is based off one of my local trails call naches A fun muddy looped trail

  1. Offroading drive
    Dirty 4x4 is based off one of my local trails call nachese, A fun muddy looped trail
    This map includes
    -Dirt & Mud track with jumps and dips
    -Mud tracks
    -Hill climbs

    -Rock Sections

    0.6 is out - 0.6 brings bigger map, more trails more fun
    0.7 is Out - 0.7 brings more terrain and tree fixes and more obstacles
    0.8 is out - 0.8 Brings more spawns and some map changes

    Auto download: Just hit subscribe

    Manual download: Download Zip, than put in beam ng mods folder

    Thanks for 30k <3

    PLEASE READ: DM me on discord: CurrentlyOffline#4750 Bugs or Sugs

    Thanks for the showcase David


    1. dirty_4x4_preview.png
    2. upload_2021-11-10_14-18-43.png
    3. upload_2021-11-10_14-19-4.png
    4. upload_2021-11-10_14-19-22.png
    5. upload_2021-11-10_14-19-40.png
    6. upload_2021-11-10_14-35-59.png
    7. image_2021-11-12_092211.png
    8. image_2021-11-12_092449.png
    9. image_2021-11-13_084054.png
    10. image_2021-11-15_155030.png
    11. image_2021-11-15_155318.png
    12. image_2021-11-15_162806.png
    13. dirty_4x4_preview2.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. mhegai
    Version: 0.7
    o'roa' track bein' 'Ery Noic' t'day
  2. dandimmadome
    Version: 0.7
    very fun map! and Naches, WA??
    1. Offroading drive
  3. supaunltd
    Version: 0.5
    Such a cool map! Just the right amount of difficulty for a modified stock truck. Also, isn't the original trail name Naches?
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      Ahh thank you, It is naches, It was late lol
  4. i am spider pig
    i am spider pig
    Version: 0.5
    mate this map is the best 4x4 map I have seen in a long time, its a bit small but doesn't stop it from being amazing, I cant wait to see more maps from you.
    1. Offroading drive
      Author's Response
      Thanks m8 you just made my day, More updates will come out, I can awalys up the size as well
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