Beta DM Crusade 1.1

A Strange looking but neat looking muscle car from DM

  1. devo343
    A Strange looking muscle car From DM/Devo Motors

    A very odd looking muscle car with pop up headlights not something you would see
    Engine:Massive 8 litre V8
    Top speed:havent measured
    MPG:About 6 8 if your gentile with the throttle
    Msrp at time of selling:12000$
    years of production:1968-72
    quick Bio of what DM Said vs the public reviews
    DM: Do you need a quick different looking muscle car then DM has your covered with our DM Crusade
    Public Review from 1970: A decent muscle car from DM tho its odd look may not be appealing to the public also a decent cruiser with its monster 8 litre V8 Tho its fuel economy suffers. this car will put a hole in your wallet with the MPG you could get about 8 if your gentle with it and about 4 if your a Hoonagan with it
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  1. Visual and power update

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  1. shade-S
    Version: 1.0
    excellent but also unusual, which is the reason for 5 stars!
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