Beta Dodge/Ram Engines pack 1.3

Medium sized engine pack based off Dodge

  1. iRetr0x
    This mod adds:
    Ram engines to the D-series (Lol)

    This mod requires my Gavril Engine Pack in order for the V6 and V10 to work

    3.9L Magnum OHV V6
    5.2L Magnum OHV V8
    5.9L Magnum OHV V8
    8.0L Magnum OHV V10
    Magnum SPFI, MPFI and 2bbl Carb
    Magnum ECU with tunes for magnum engines
    Mopar Performance ECU (broken atm, don't use)
    Custom intake manifold (based off RL)
    Coming soon:
    3.7L Slant-Six OHV I6
    4-speed 42RH-RE automatic
    4-speed 46RH-RE automatic
    4-speed 47RH-RE automatic


    (Magnum Intakes/ECUs are optimal for magnum engines ONLY, do not use with any other engines or it will break the power curve.),
    (If any information here is inaccurate, it's most likely due to an update not being approved yet.)

    There won’t be any diesels, if you want diesels for this mod, check out FakeCarGuy’s Cummins mod.

    helping finetune everything and testing
    Me: models, sound tuning and jbeam editing

Recent Reviews

  1. spitfire2717
    Version: 1.3
    Great mod, love it. but, the engine mounts are not there making it virtually useless
    1. iRetr0x
  2. please reply :)
    please reply :)
    Version: 1.3
  3. JaxReaper 3
    JaxReaper 3
    Version: 1.3
    The mod seems really nice I love all the different options you available to you with these motors not to mention I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 318/5.2 in it so that was cool to use but i have a problem where when I equip the motor in the gravil truck the whole thing just says to the ground like it has no motor mounts I have the same issue with the Chevy engine pack help would be very appreciated as I would love to be able to use the engines
  4. Jer
    Version: 1.3
  5. VolvoS60Polestar
    Version: 1.3
    Will there be a Hellcat engine? Or even a Hellephant?
  6. Infinitrium
    Version: 1.2
    I don't know if it's because I have a large amount of mods already installed but wow, that V6 is g-u-t-l-e-s-s! Default config has a flat torque curve of roughly 128ft/lbs from 900 until around 3500 rpm then VTEC kicks in yo and it takes right off. Kinda the opposite of what you want in a truck
  7. DailyCivic00
    Version: 1.2
    I'm sure this is a good mod but every time I install a engine my game crashes. I have other mods and turned one off, was allowed to install lowest hp engine. Ik the list of issues could be wide but I WANT TO use this mod. Any help is gratefully appreciated.
    1. iRetr0x
      Author's Response
      It’s outdated bro it’ll get updated eventually
  8. Hirochi Sunburst Procar
    Hirochi Sunburst Procar
    Version: 1.2
  9. Trombepis
    Version: 1.2
    I bought an '03 Durango RT recently, and I'm nerding out with this mod
  10. EvanHellaFlush
    Version: 1.2
    This is an awesome mod, but it seems like the newest beamng update has broken it, making so that equipping any engine (besides the v6) freezes the game.
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