Beta Dodge/Ram Engines pack 1.3

Medium sized engine pack based off Dodge

  1. Fixed Crashing and other things

    -Fixed crashes
    -Fixed V6 and V10 (requires gavril engine pack)
  2. V6 and big Improvements (Read)

    Added 3.9L Magnum V6 with tuned sounds and model (buggy v8 intakes, fixing soon)
    Added Magnum ECU with tunes for magnum engines
    Added Mopar Performance ECU (currently broken, do not use)
    Added Magnum SPFI, MPFI and 2bbl Carb
    Highly improved torque curve, shift points and general specs of 5.2/5.9L V8 and 8.0L V10
    Improved texture of intake (using original v8 textures, better)
    Decreased file size to around 2 mb
    (Magnum Intakes/ECUs are optimal for magnum engines ONLY do not use with any other...
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