Dream Police Skins 1.1

Skins based on the song

  1. GhostBusterOrson
    If you manually add the skin to the car you might need to change the color of the vehicle to white but for the config you don't have to

    I saw that the 42nd anniversary of the song was coming up so I made a few skins based on it

    I'd recommend turning on automatic updates in-game so you get the updates as soon as they come out

    4 skins and 4 configurations

    Dream Police 777 skin, Dream Police 714 skin, Dream Police 360 skin, and Dream Police VI



    Please feel free to message me if you find any problems with the mod or if you have questions and/or suggestions

    Screenshot2021-09-18144045.png C9001AC6-D566-4698-A5C2-10A91D0E97B1.png 644DDCF9-A9A7-40F2-8AFB-6BF15819BAE1.png C60D29FC-0A69-46EB-89AE-7B1D1B5489EB.png

Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.1 - Other Members
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