Beta Driver Assistance Systems 1.1

Adds safety systems to modern vehicles such as automatic braking, back-up cameras and more to come!

  1. angelo234
    Use "realistic" gearbox mode for now since there seems to be issues with "arcade" gearbox mode with some users. You must update to the latest version of (0.22) due to changes in the game's code between versions for this mod to work. Also, you may need to reload Lua (press Ctrl + L) if the mod is not working for you.

    This mod adds driver assistance systems you would typically find in today's modern vehicles. And these systems can be added to any vehicle (vanilla and modded)!

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

    Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

    Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) applies full braking power when it detects a possible collision with another vehicle. It is designed to mitigate or even prevent a collision from occurring. The system will first alert the driver of a possible collision with an audible tone before applying the brakes. The system uses the road markings (AI paths) to determine if an oncoming vehicle is in our vehicle's path. If the system stops the vehicle, the system will apply the parking brake.

    Disclaimer: And the system will only work effectively if lane markings are present (technically if there are AI paths mapped).

    Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (Rear AEB)

    Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (Rear AEB) is just like AEB except it applies the brakes when it detects a collision with both static objects and vehicles in reverse gear up to 25 km/h (15 mph). The system works without the need for lane markings. After the system stops the vehicle, the parking brake will be applied.

    Back-up Camera (be in reverse and press '8' key ('9' key for bus to show it)


    The camera is attached to the rear of the vehicle with a wide FOV to allow the driver to see what is directly behind them. Depending on the vehicle, the camera can display guiding lines to show where the vehicle is relative to other objects (e.g. curb, wall) and where it will go in a straight line. And trajectory lines can also be displayed to show where the car will head with the current steering input. To show the reverse camera, the vehicle must be in reverse gear and then press the "8" key for most vehicles ("9" key for the Wentward bus) to bring up the reverse camera (given you have just the default camera modes installed). When you switch out of reverse gear, the camera will be switched to the last camera used.

    Rear Parking Sensors

    This system provides an audible alert as the vehicle approaches an obstacle in reverse. This system works in any camera mode. The faster the warning tone is played, the closer the vehicle is to the obstacle.


    1. Use the included vehicle configs to use the ADAS systems

    This mod adds vehicle configs with these ADAS installed on modern vehicles. The config names added are postfixed with "w/ ADAS". Here is an example of a vehicle config equipped with ADAS:

    2. Or you can install the systems manually by doing the following steps:

    1. Open the Vehicle Customization UI and click on the "License Plate Design" slot.


    2. Find "angelo234's Driver Assistance System" part and click on that.


    3. Only the back-up camera is enabled by default. You can choose the systems to add such as "Forward AEB" or adding "Parking Lines" to the back-up camera by clicking on the appropriate slots and adding the parts.


    Vehicles Supported:
    • All vehicles! (vanilla and modded)


    The AEB systems only work as well as your brakes and tires, plus this mod is still in beta so some systems may not work 100% of the time and false positives may occur.


    Q: Only the back-up camera works, what do I do?
    A: If you want the other systems enabled, just add them in the parts screen by clicking on the appropriate slots and adding the parts.

    Q: The mod isn't working properly, what do I do?
    A: Make sure game is updated to latest version and press Ctrl + L to reload Lua if it still is not working.

    Q: How do I activate the back-up camera?
    A: First you must be in reverse or neutral gear. Then in most cases the '8' key ('9' for Wentward bus). If you have other camera mods installed, try other number keys.

    Q: Can I equip other vehicles with these systems?
    A: Yes you can equip any vehicle with these systems!

    Q: Is it possible to put back-up camera on the infotainment display?
    A: No its not possible at the moment, but if only the devs could allow multiple cameras in the scene at once.

    Current Features:
    • Forward Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
    • Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (Rear AEB)
    • Back-up Camera
    • Rear Parking Sensors
    • Ability to add systems to any vehicle

    Planned Features:
    • Front Parking Sensors
    • Key bindings to enable/disable systems
    • Proximity to obstacles infotainment screen
    • Improve AEB
    • Lane centering assist (possibly)
    • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Bug fixes :)

    Anyways enjoy! :)

    If you really enjoy what I make and want to show your support, you can donate here:


    1. aeb-gif.gif

Recent Reviews

  1. NicoBTW
    Version: 1.1
    the idea is really great, the mode is well done, there is just a problem with the rear view camera, i play on triple monitor, and the camera is just pointing the ground, and i can't even see the trajectory.
    That's a screenshot of what i see on my central monitor
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. That's strange, I didn't think it wouldn't work on triple monitors. I'll see what I can do to fix it.
  2. P_enta
    Version: 1.1
    The rear aeb is perfect, and the camera is a nice touch. front aeb on the other hand... eh. I mean it works but why does it only detect cars? obviously you can detect meshes and I have no idea why it doesn't. Plus I can be driving in another lane on the highway and it'll just randomly start beeping and braking even though I'm nowhere near hitting a car. The mod is good but really needs work.
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. The reason it doesn't detect static meshes is mainly for performance. This is because I'm assuming that the driver will follow the road lanes (AI paths) and so I don't need to scan a wide area to see where I can drive and not. But actually I'm working on detecting static meshes at low speeds.

      Its quite difficult to actually make the AEB system work effectively as I am predicting where the car is heading and if it will hit the vehicle in front of me using the AI paths but I'm also predicting what AI paths the car will use. This is different from the AI system since they know the exact path they will drive and don't need to predict where to go.
  3. jecoyud1905
    Version: 1.1
    cool 40/10
  4. TeslaGuy
    Version: 1.1
    Very good mod. I am looking forward to future updates!
  5. Bytes
    Version: 1.1
    Brilliant mod!
  6. k1ncr
    Version: 1.1
    Great addition to the game, thank you!
  7. letsplayer023
    Version: 1.1
    Works perfacly! i just edited the lua code and fixed that it brakes with parking brake :D i hate it if it brakes with parking brake >|
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      I actually made it before to not use the parking brake when stopped. But arcade gearbox mode wouldn't work correctly. And so I just wanted to make the system perform consistently for both gearbox modes and made it apply handbrake on stopping.
    Version: 1.1
    Not too bad, but detects the cars wayyy to early, like in corners where it couldn't even see them or when I am on the highway with my cc but it suddenly brakes because of the car next to me
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      The system isn't perfect so it does false positive sometimes. But I'm working on these issues through these updates so stay tuned!
  9. zenasy
    Version: 1.1
    This such a neat addition to have these types of systems in Beam, can't wait for what else is in store with this mod!
  10. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: 1.1
    Tesla autopilot be like
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