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DSE for Autobello Piccolina 1.6.1

Lilipur's custom parts

  1. Lilipur
    ・Ceramic brake with ABS
    ・Crash brake
    ・DSE Interlocking differential
    ・DSE Interlocking Front/Rear coilovers
    ・New engine added *Lilipur_custom_Race (DSE)
    ・Added LSD for beginners *Lilipur_custom_rally (DSE)

    //Version 1.6 .
    ・Fix engine
    ・Fixed a bug that offroad mode cannot be set as default
    ・Added final gear for high-speed engine (2.0~12.0)
    ・Ceramic brake added to off-road suspension
    ・Added "Lilipur_custom_Baja (DSE)"
    ・(For gamepad/keyboard) Added clutch timing setting (Lilipur ECU)
    ・Custom vehicle settings change

    It is safe for people who are not good at driving!


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  2. Safer!
  3. brakes

Recent Reviews

  1. coolgamer55
    Version: 1.3.2
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